Saxo Group is committed to the highest standard of openness, integrity and accountability which is why we have established a whistleblowing system not only for employees but also covering clients, partners and other stakeholders. 
If you contrary to our expectations should experience breaches committed by Saxo Group of applicable laws, policies, guidelines, Saxo Group’s own policies etc. you will be able to report your concerns with full confidentiality. If you prefer so, it will even be possible to report anonymously.

All grounded suspicions reported via the whistleblowing system will be treated carefully and in cases where regulation permits it, we will provide feedback if you ask for it.

Link to our whistleblowing system: saxobank.ethicspoint.com

If you have a complaint which relates to e.g. a single trade or an issue where you have not received a satisfactory answer these types of incidents should typically be reported via our channel for complaints which you find here.


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