Q2 2019 Outlook:
Europe – can the centre hold?

Q2 2019 Outlook:
Europe – can the centre hold?

Having thrived off the peace dividend, the gap between Europe and its international counterparts is widening. Can the EU reverse its fortunes?

Europe was the big winner of the post-Berlin Wall move towards globalisation and multilateralism. As these themes recede, replaced by stubbornly low growth and renewed nationalism, it could become the big loser. 

European valuations continue to lag behind those of their US counterparts, German recession looms large on the horizon and we expect the perennial “basket case” narrative to build in the coming months.

But what if this is the darkest hour, just before the dawn?

Real macro changes only occur following breakdowns and crises. Solutions, however, may be found in the newly combative EU institutions likely to follow the May Parliamentary elections. After a decade of zero or negative interest rates, the policy response must come sooner rather than later.

Europe has many strengths that investors too readily overlook. It is perfectly positioned to benefit from automation, AI, digitalisation and a capital market that is cheap by any standards, and it retains the best educational system in the world on average.

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