A rewarding referral for you

Already a Saxo Client? Make an introduction to Saxo Capital Markets and be rewarded. As our way of thanking you for the endorsement of our services to your network of friends and colleagues, you will receive progressively more cash credits with each additional referral.* 

Simply email us your referral, together with your Saxo ID or contact your Saxo Capital Markets Representative if you need further clarification today.

Read our Terms and Conditions.

Referrals to Saxo Capital Markets  You will receive
For the first new client referred SGD 200 cash credits
For the second new client referred SGD 250 cash credits
For the third new client referred SGD 300 cash credits
For the fourth (and all subsequent) new client referred SGD 300 cash credits

*Note: The cash credits are capped at SGD 300 from the third referral onwards. The maximum number of referrals allowed is capped at 5 per quarter.

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