Why Saxo for Bonds?

The bond market has been a notorious holdout in adopting to the cutting edge of modern finance.

In fact, in an era when artificially intelligence drives high frequency trading, private bond investors have been stuck using the phone. Until now that is. 

Saxo is cutting out the time-consuming and cost-intensive middle in bond trading, giving you direct access to liquidity providers.

At Saxo, you trade bonds in the same account and using the same platform as any other asset class. You have access to the global market. The technology is intuitive, trading is easy and quick, prices are low and transparent. The tools Saxo places in your hands are fit for the pros.


Commissions from 0.05%

Online bond trading is a big deal, and we can offer it at a competitive price. As you trade more, our volume-based commissions will shrink and your costs minimized. Please refer to our pricing overview for detailed info.

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Why trade Bonds with Saxo?

Fully Digital

Our cross-asset platforms put you in control. Access to information and trading is quick, simple and robust.


Yes, our technology is reliable, but it goes beyond that. True reliability means liquidity, transparent pricing, market access and a commitment to long-term client relationships.

Fast Execution

You decide on the trade, and we provide the best price. Our platform provides automated access to multiple exchanges and liquidity sources, automatically directing your trade to the one with the best conditions at that moment.

Global Access

Our range does not stop at the big currencies and markets. Next to government and corporate bonds form the US and Europe, you gain access to selected high yield and emerging market paper including LATAM, APAC and MENA in both USD and local currency.

Saxo Bond Robotics

Saxo’s Bond Robotics help you trade Bonds the way you want.

Building on comprehensive pricing information, our system offers an indicative best price for an instant trade*. Take that price, and in approximately 90-95% of cases your trade will go through at that indicated price or better.

* Best accessible price from up to 40 global bonds providers and major exchanges called by Saxo’s algorithm.

Bonds Robot: Before and After

Alternatively, for some bonds, you have the possibility to take full control and set your own price and limits for your trade to be traded on the exchanges. The system will determine when and whether these conditions are met in the time window you specify – be it hours, days or even weeks – and trade once they are.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bonds

Still unclear about the details behind trading Bonds at Saxo? Click here for a full list of frequently asked questions regarding trading Bonds. 

Rates and Conditions

Enjoy all the advantages of trading like a pro, starting from minimums as low as USD 10K.
Trading bonds with Saxo means access to a professional trading environment, which provides you with the information, the liquidity and the technology you need to execute when and where you want. At Saxo there are no pricing surprises. Our rates are competitive and our price schemes are easy to understand.


Transparent and competitive prices

Moving bond trading online has also enabled us to offer prices that are transparent, clear and competitive. Eliminating the bloated middle of the bond market has not inly removed the expense, but also a complicated and near-impenetrable pricing mechanism. Our prices are transparent, they become lower as you trade more and are clear before you trade.
Refer to our pricing overview for details.

And if anything remains unclear, do not hesitate to contact us. Competitive and transparent prices are at the core of what we do, in bonds and across asset classes.

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Competitive pricing on Bonds

We deliver competitive pricing and tight spreads through our global access to source liquidity. And with our low volume-based commissions, your effective trading costs will be minimized.


Commission from


(min 50 EUR
or equivalent)


First fully digitised online access

Our digital bond trading solution eliminates manual processes across the full value chain. It gives you direct access to a universe of over 5,000 bonds, including more than 3,400 developed-market and over 1,600 emerging-market bonds. 

Orders are routed straight to an optimised dealer auction where the top end of 40 liquidity providers compete for your order. Minimum volumes for retail bonds are as low as USD10,000 and you can trade whenever markets are open.

Significant cost reduction

Providing automated online access, a direct line to liquidity providers and being able to eliminate the time-consuming and expensive mechanics of traditional bond trading, means we can offer a clear and competitive pricing scheme. Saxo Capital Markets charges a commission, offering full transparency. 

Trading conditions vary by type and rating of the bond, and also by trading volume. But our online live indicative pricing gives you the security of a maximum price for your trade. This is part of our commitment to make pricing as transparent and clear as we can.


Fitting seamlessly into Saxo's Platforms

You access the bond markets – and your bond holdings – with the same tools and from the same account that you use for other assets. This is more than just convenient. It means you can use your bond holdings as collateral when trading on margin or directly hedge your currency risk from your one account. With Saxo, trading and investing is a simple as possible and manifold as you want it.

Fitting seamlessly into Saxo's Platforms

Learn the basics of bond investing.

Or complete your investor’s toolkit by learning about specific types of analyses or strategies. The best performers in any field know that you can never finish honing your skills. Let the Saxo Academy be your coach.

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Bonds Risk Warning

Bonds are categorised as either green, yellow or red products depending on the individual instrument.

Saxo Capital Markets is required to categorise investment products offered to retail clients depending on the product’s complexity and risk as: green, yellow or red.

For most bonds, in particular corporate bonds, bid and offer prices are not public available and transparent, as the majority of trading takes place outside regulated marketplaces. Bonds are traded OTC with Saxo Capital Markets and OTC trading conditions apply. Please see Saxo Capital Markets' execution policy for further information.

Restrictions apply. Please refer to Information Access and Dealing Restrictions for ETFs and Bonds.