Smart saving

You can now start saving in managed ETF portfolios with insights from BlackRock, with regular contributions from only SGD 100. Access expertly managed portfolios at low cost.

Why open a Regular Savings Plan with Saxo?

  • Simple and smart
    Start saving quickly and easily, and monitor your savings on your phone.
  • Managed by experts
    Portfolios built based on BlackRock's data and insights, comprised of iShares ETFs
  • Cost effective
    Low-cost investing compared to wealth managers, and no exit fees.
  • Dollar-cost averaging
    Buy more when markets are down, reduce the impact of volatility.

Smart saving, inspired by BlackRock

Smart saving, inspired by BlackRock

We’ve partnered with BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, to offer you investment portfolios where you can make regular contributions. 

These portfolios – which previously required a minimum investment of USD 10,000 – draw upon BlackRock’s world-class investment data and insights to manage your portfolio, built with the company’s market-leading range of iShares ETFs.

Choose from three risk profiles – Defensive, Moderate and Aggressive – to best suit your investment timescale, targeted returns and risk appetite.

Platform fee

No cost to access Saxo’s full capabilities.

Entry fee and exit fee

Add more or withdraw at no cost.

Custody fee

No fee for simply having money with us.

Keep your costs low 

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Annual cost breakdownFee in %Cost of SGD 10,000 investment
Service fee0.75% per annumSGD 75
Transaction costs*N.AN.A
Expected ETF costs**0.23%SGD 23

The service fee is deducted quarterly on a pro rata basis. The minimum investment is SGD 2,000, and you can make regular contributions - monthly or weekly, for example - from SGD 100.

*An estimate that depends on the portfolio activity and investments selected, which may change with time.

**ETFs have a small charge built into their performance, known as the Total Expense Ratio (TER). This is payable to the ETF provider and is not charged by Saxo.

Dollar-cost averaging with managed portfolios

Dollar-cost averaging with managed portfolios

By saving or investing a fixed amount on a regular basis, you're following an investment strategy known as dollar-cost averaging (DCA).

This reduces the impact of short-term volatility, building your wealth over a longer term, buying more holdings when the markets are down.

A managed portfolio is a collection of investments selected and adjusted for you according to market opportunities, following your risk appetite and investment goals.

*As of 30/9/20. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. For a full overview of performance click on “Read more”.

Profile Questionnaire
To help us find the best portfolios for you, we ask that you complete your profile before investing. This is a required step in the investment process and only takes a few minutes.

Investment risk
Investing in financial products always involves risk. As a general rule, you should only invest in financial products if you understand the risks associated with them. Investing in a portfolio with currency that differs from the base currency of your account carries the risk of exposure to changes in the rate of exchange between them. See the full Managed Portfolio Disclaimer for more information.

What is the risk and expected return?

Risk and return come hand-in-hand. The more return you target, the more risk you must take.

Performance expected to be considerably lower than stock markets, but also much more stable. In an extreme scenario stock markets could lose 20% or more, whilst Low risk portfolios are expected to lose closer to 5% to 10%. 

Performance is expected to be less than stock markets, but also more stable. In an extreme scenario stock markets could lose 20% or more, whilst Medium risk portfolios are expected to lose closer to 10% to 15%.

Performance of High risk portfolios is expected to be similar to stock market performance. However, in an extreme scenario stock markets could lose 20% or more. This is considered high-risk investing.

Frequently asked questions

Please refer to the following links for fuller information on each portfolio - Defensive  Moderate  Aggressive

Yes, you can invest in your choice of portfolios. Please note that each portfolio has its own bank account number which you should use when funding that particular portfolio. Please refer to the funding instructions and bank account numbers in the Funding Instructions section located under Deposits and Transfers, then Bank transfer, in the platform. This is found under the icon of a person’s head and shoulders at the top right in SaxoInvestor, and under the Accounts section in SaxoTraderGO.

No, you don’t. Once you’ve invested in a managed portfolio, we will automatically create a sub-account dedicated to that portfolio under your existing Saxo account.


  1. Open the SaxoTraderGO platform and click the ‘SaxoSelect’ tab
  2. Click the ‘Invest’ button, next to your chosen portfolio
  3. If this is your first time accessing SaxoSelect managed portfolios, you’ll need to complete a set of suitability questions specifically for managed portfolios (this is different from an appropriateness test, which relates to self-directed investing)
  4. Open the trade ticket and enter the amount you’d like to invest


  1. Go to the Markets section, and click on 'Managed portfolio'
  2. Select a portfolio and click the Invest button
  3. If this is your first time accessing SaxoSelect managed portfolios, you’ll first need to click ‘Get started’ to complete a set of suitability questions specifically for managed portfolios (this is different from an appropriateness test, which relates to self-directed investing)
  4. Proceed to the Buy Order ticket and confirm how much you would like to invest.

Orders are sent to market every Monday, so your positions will show on your account on the Monday after you place your investment. If the following Monday is a public holiday in the market(s) you are investing in, the order will be sent on the Tuesday.

There is no minimum investment period and you can exit at any time for no additional cost. However, it’s important to remember that our managed portfolios are designed for long-term investing over the course of several years.

As with all investing, there is a relationship between the amount of risk you take and the level of returns you could receive (both positively and negatively). The risk profiles of managed portfolios indicate the potential severity of a loss (of value) during a negative period. As a reference, investing into stocks is considered high risk and during a bad period the stock market could lose around 20% or more, based on historic events.
Low risk portfolios are expected to experience much less fluctuation (of value) than stock markets;

Medium risk portfolios are expected to experience notably lower fluctuation (of value) than stock markets;

High risk portfolios are expected to experience similar fluctuation (of value) to stock markets;

Compared to traditional wealth managers we offer a compelling and cost effective way to have your money managed, with the costs of some of our portfolios being less than half of the cost of an expensive wealth service.

The Costs explained 

Service Fee: This is the fee charged for Saxo to manage your money. It is an annual cost, deducted quarterly on a pro-rata basis. You can find more information on the service fee here.

SGD-denominated portfolios may invest in assets in other currencies, in which case a currency conversion cost of 0.10% per transaction will be incurred.

Expected ETF Costs: If your portfolio invests into ETFs, you should know that the ETF manufacturer takes their charge from within the ETF. This is convenient as it means there are no cash transactions (to the ETF manufacture to cover costs), costs are simply reflected in the performance of the ETF.

Our fees depend on the managed portfolio you choose to invest in.

To see how our annual service fee is calculated, click here.

To see how our performance fee (if applicable) is calculated, click here.

Please refer to the Funding Instructions to fund your account to make your first investment into a managed portfolios. Subsequent payments – one-off or regular - should be sent via bank transfer using the unique bank account number provided upon your first investment into your portfolio.

After making your initial investment into your preferred portfolio, you will receive a unique bank account number relating to your positions in that portfolio. Please use that bank account number when setting up a regular payment through your bank. To stop making regular payments, simply cancel the instruction through your bank. We have no requirement to maintain regular payments for any length of time.

You can deposit funds via Telegraphic Transfer, FAST, MEPS or GIRO. Please note that regular/recurrent payments cannot be made via PayNow or QR code scan.

Yes, however we would recommend that you avoid unnecessary currency conversion costs by sending funds in the currency of your managed portfolio.

PayNow cannot be used to fund your Regular Savings Plan. You can fund your Regular Savings Plan via FAST, MEPS, Telegraphic Transfer, or GIRO.

We regret that we are unable to accept CPF or SRS funds.

Yes, you can pause, restart and change your regular contribution amount as you see fit. You can control this at your bank’s side, and you will incur no charges with Saxo for any such changes.

No, the Regular Savings Plan is held in the name of the account holder(s).

Yes, to close part of your portfolio, simply log in to the platform and request a partial withdrawal from the portfolio you would like to withdraw from. The system will automatically reduce your positions in the portfolio accordingly.  The withdrawn amount will be placed in your normal trading account, from which you can transfer it to your bank account.

You can stop making regular contributions and/or withdraw your holdings at any point, with no exit fees. It’s important to remember that our managed portfolios are designed for long-term investing over the course of several years.

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