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With its flexible online trading platforms and wide product portfolio, the Saxo Group has become a leader in online investing.

The Saxo Group realises the importance of transparency as it works to maintain its prominent market position. Relevant information and reports are available below to help investors stay informed about the organisation.

We encourage you to review these documents to gain an insight into Saxo's performance, philosophies and future goals.

Saxo Bank A/S is a privately owned company. Geely Financials Denmark A/S, a subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd, owns 52 percent of the shares of Saxo Bank. Saxo Bank Founder and CEO Kim Fournais owns 25.71 percent of the Bank’s shares, while Sampo Plc, a leading Nordic financial services group, owns 19.9 percent of the shares. The remaining shares are held by minority shareholders including a number of current and former employees of the Bank.

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The following key figures and ratios provide an overview of Saxo Bank Group's financial performance.

(DKK million)
H1 2018201720162015 *20142013
Operating income1,506.43,027.02,929.72,126.73,006.82,861.0
Adjusted EBITDA431.21,026.0954.5864.71,208.11,223.3
Profit before tax209.4554.2418.2(778.4)564.8247.4
Net profit149.7401.1302.4(644.6)381.2162.2
Total equity4,763.34,621.44,238.43,938.44,225.23,492.7
Total assets38,771.639,955.643,578.533,501.636,008.327,746.2
Clients' collateral
Total capital ratio
Return on equity
before tax
Full-time-equivalent staff (end of year)1,6191,5941,6391,5161,4851,406

* Please note that the numbers for 2015 all include the effect of the Swiss event.

Definitions can be seen in the 2017 report on Annual Reports

Kim Fournais

Co-Founder & CEO of Saxo Bank

Kim Fournais is co-founder and CEO of Saxo Bank. He held various positions in the financial services sector, before establishing Saxo Bank with Lars Seier Christensen in 1992 under the name Midas. Fournais headed Midas alone until 1995, when Seier Christensen joined as co-CEO.

Søren Kyhl

Deputy CEO and COO

Søren Kyhl is Deputy CEO and COO and member of the Board of Management with responsibility for daily operations and execution including overseeing the bank’s digital experience, marketing and data science.

Steen Blaafalk

Chief Financial & Risk Officer

Steen Blaafalk is Global Head of Finance and Risk Operations at Saxo Bank, and a member of the Board of Management. He is responsible for all legal, compliance, finance, risk management, and client and business intelligence within the Bank.

Damian Bunce

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Damian Bunce is Chief Commercial Officer, member of the Board of Management and Head of global distribution and client services at Saxo Bank, responsible for the origination, retention and growth of High Value Direct Clients and Wholesale Clients.

Daniel Donghui Li


CFO of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group

Board of Directors Profile Image

Henrik Normann

Vice Chairman

President and CEO of NIB, Nordic Investment Bank, joins the Board as Director.

Ian Zhang

Board Member

Deputy CFO of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group

Patrick Lapveteläinen

Board Member

Group Chief Investment Officer Sampo Plc

Preben Damgaard

Board Member

CEO Damgaard Company and Danish IT entrepreneur

Saxo's trading and investment platforms have put the freedom to trade in the hands of traders and investors everywhere. Consistently winning the industry’s highest accolades, the platform is designed to give you the features, speed and performance you need.


The Saxo Group issues regular ICAAP and Risk reports in compliance with Danish financial regulations.

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In order to demonstrate commitment to increased transparency within the financial industry, the Saxo Group has taken the initiative to publicise on a monthly basis key figures related to its activity, namely retail assets under management as well as daily average and monthly trading volumes.


USD bnJan. 2019Feb. 2019Mar. 2019Apr. 2019May 2019Jun. 2019
Commodities - Daily average0.9     
Commodities - Monthly volume18.7     
Equities - Daily average2.3     
Equities - Monthly volume50.5     
Fixed Income - Daily average0.3     
Fixed Income - Monthly volume6.4     
FX - Daily average6.9     
FX - Monthly volume151.8     
Total - Daily average10.3     
Total - Monthly volume227.4     


USD bn

Jul. 2018Aug. 2018Sep. 2018Oct. 2018Nov. 2018Dec. 2018
Commodities - Daily average1.2 1.0 0.8 1.0 1.0 0.9
Commodities - Monthly volume26.3 22.9 16.4 22.5 20.9 19.8
Equities - Daily average2.7 2.1 2.3 3.7 3.1 3.8
Equities - Monthly volume59.9 49.4 45.7 85.4 67.7 80.5
Fixed Income - Daily average0.2 0.2 0.4 0.4 0.3 0.3
Fixed Income - Monthly volume3.8 5.3 7.8 8.2 5.9 6.6
FX - Daily average10.3 8.5 8.6 8.2 7.7 7.0
FX - Monthly volume226.2 195.5 172.8 187.8 170.4 147.2
Total - Daily average14.4 11.9 12.1 13.2 12.0 12.1
Total - Monthly volume316.2 273.1 242.7 304.0 264.9 254.2

USD bn

Jan. 2018Feb. 2018Mar. 2018Apr. 2018May 2018Jun. 2018
Commodities - Daily average 1.6 1.2
Commodities - Monthly volume34.629.228.734.6 35.7 25.9
Equities - Daily average 3.0 3.2
Equities - Monthly volume81.2124.7109.281.4 68.0 67.1
Fixed Income - Daily average 0.6 1.2 0.80.5 0.8 0.3
Fixed Income - Monthly volume 13.725.016.911.0 17.4 7.1
FX - Daily average 16.721.7 14.411.7 12.3 13.3
FX - Monthly volume 366.3433.2317.2245.4 283.4 279.9
Total - Daily average 22.530.6 21.517.7 17.6 18.1
Total - Monthly volume 495.8612.1 472.0372.4 404.5 380.1


USD bn

Jul. 2017Aug. 2017Sep. 2017Oct. 2017Nov. 2017Dec. 2017
Commodities - Daily average1.
Commodities - Monthly volume29.
Equities - Daily average2.
Equities - Monthly volume51.057.250.850.668.554.9
Fixed Income - Daily average0.
Fixed Income - Monthly volume7.
FX - Daily average11.910.711.710.812.69.4
FX - Monthly volume249.2245.1246.2237.9278.2197.8
Total - Daily average16.015.116.314.917.713.8
Total - Monthly volume336.4348.4342.6328.5388.3289.2

USD bn

Jan. 2017Feb. 2017Mar. 2017Apr. 2017May. 2017Jun. 2017
Commodities - Daily average1.11.31.3 1.3 1.41.4 
Commodities - Monthly volume24.425.331.0 25.1  33.230.5 
Equities - Daily average1.82.12.4 2.2  2.4 2.9
Equities - Monthly volume40.542.855.3 44.4  54.3 64.2
Fixed Income - Daily average0.50.60.7 0.4  0.40.4 
Fixed Income - Monthly volume9.912.215.2 8.1  8.7 9.7
FX - Daily average13.411.812.0 10.3  10.2 11.0
FX - Monthly volume295.2235.9275.2 206.5  235.0 241.6
Total - Daily average16.815.816.4 14.2  14.4 15.7
Total - Monthly volume370.0316.1376.7 284.1  331.1 346.0


USD bn

Jul. 2016Aug. 2016Sep. 2016Oct. 2016Nov. 2016Dec. 2016
Commodities - Daily average1.
Commodities - Monthly volume24.022.824.425.533.123.8
Equities - Daily average2.
Equities - Monthly volume41.341.457.446.154.842.0
Fixed Income - Daily average0.
Fixed Income - Monthly volume8.
FX - Daily average11.28.110.310.913.510.1
FX - Monthly volume235.6187.4225.6229.2298.0222.2
Total - Daily average14.711.314.414.818.213.5
Total - Monthly volume308.9260.8316.8309.8400.0296.8

USD bn

Jan. 2016Feb. 2016Mar. 2016Apr. 2016May. 2016Jun. 2016
Commodities - Daily average0.
Commodities - Monthly volume14.321.123.927.126.126.8
Equities - Daily average3.
Equities - Monthly volume76.966.353.450.951.458.3
Fixed Income - Daily average0.
Fixed Income - Monthly volume4.
FX - Daily average10.510.29.510.69.810.2
FX - Monthly volume209.7215.1217.8223.0215.8223.9
Total - Daily average15.314.713.114.713.714.5
Total - Monthly volume305.8308.8302.1307.8300.9319.3