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General charges and fees

As a Saxo client, you can receive interest on your cash balance. The interest you receive depends on the account currency, your balance and account tier (Classic, Platinum or VIP). There is no minimum holding period and interest accrues daily. If you have open positions in margin products, interest will be paid based on your available Net Free Equity (NFE).

The interest rate is set using the Saxo Bid rate with an applied markdown. Information about the Saxo Bid/Ask rates is available here

Interest on your main account is calculated based on your Net Free Equity (NFE), which is your cash balance plus/minus any NFE adjustments. If you have multiple sub-accounts in different currencies, the interest on those is based on the calculated adjusted account value for each sub-account. See definitions here.

How much interest could I earn?

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Annual interest on

Account tier Annual interestInterest rate

Rates as of x.xx.xxxx The prices above are indicative and will vary according to the country of residency. A full overview of exact pricing is available through the platform trade tickets.

Tax treatment

Please note that deposit interest income is subject to Swiss withholding tax at a rate of 35%.


Interest will be calculated daily and settled monthly within seven business days of the end of each calendar month. Interest is calculated according to the day count convention and market standard set out in the table under Saxo Bid/Ask Interest Rates. 

Negative Net Free Equity

Please note that your Net Free Equity can become negative if your financing margin requirement and unrealised P&L on margin products exceed your cash balance, which will result in an overdraft rate. This rate is based on the Saxo Ask Rate with an applied markup.  

Interest rates on Negative NFECLASSICPLATINUMVIP
Negative NFE (debit interest charged) Saxo Ask Rate + 8%Saxo Ask Rate + 6% Saxo Ask Rate + 4%
Margin requirement for Financing

Please note that the margin financing requirement may differ from the margin trading requirement. You can see the full list of cash collateral rates for margin financing used for the Net Free Equity calculation here.

In supporting your financial aspirations and trading objectives, we provide both funding and liquidity for your trading activities in margin products. Our financing rates apply when you hold an open position in a margin product overnight e.g., a Contract for Difference (CFD) on a single stock.

Your financing rates consist of two components: 1) Saxo Bid/Offer financing rates and 2) commercial product markup/down.

The financing rates are set as:

  • Bid = Saxo Bid financing rate - commercial product markdown
  • Offer = Saxo Offer financing rate + commercial product markup

Saxo Bid/Offer financing rates

Saxo Bid/Offer financing rates refers to our pricing on financing i.e., we are charging floating interest rates. We use Alternative Reference Rates (ARRs) as an input when setting Saxo Bid/Offer financing rates. For currencies without a designated ARR, a money market rate, monetary policy rate or other relevant financial benchmark will apply as an input. 
Saxo Bid/Offer Financing Rates have a floor of zero percent, i.e. the interest rates can not be negative rates.

When you buy CFDs on single stocks e.g., in Hong Kong Dollars, we will convert our funding base into Hong Kong Dollars to finance the underlying purchase of the stocks. Conversely, if you are selling CFDs on a single stock e.g., in South African Rand, we will convert the proceeds from sale of the underlying stocks into our funding base currencies. These operations require active trading in various financial products in the interbank market to manage the liquidity cash flows generated by your trading activities.

ARRs have been developed by working groups consisting of national and international industry associations, market participants, as well as central and reserve banks. They are publicly available and are recognised by National Competent Authorities (NCAs), market participants, and national and international financial industry associations. For more information on the relevant financial benchmarks listed below, please consult the financial benchmark administrator, central or reserve bank.

The Saxo Bid/Offer financing rates are proprietary to Saxo Bank Switzerland and subject to the provisions in our General Terms & Conditions. One provision could be pass-through of cost related to external factors, such as changes in domestic and/or foreign monetary or credit policies that affect the general interest level or changes in cost structures with liquidity providers and brokers.

As a reference, see applicable Benchmark Rates in the section below.

Commercial product markups/downs

For more information on our general pricing, please consult the page Pricing Overview 

Interest calculation and settlement

Interest will be calculated daily and settled monthly – within seven business days of the end of each calendar month.

The Saxo Bid/Ask rates are proprietary to Saxo Bank Switzerland and subject to the provisions in the General Business Terms. One such provisions could be pass-through of cost related to external factors, such as changes in domestic and/or foreign monetary or credit policies that affect the general interest level or changes in cost structures with liquidity providers and brokers.

We generally use Alternative Reference Rates (ARRs) as an input when setting Saxo Bid/Ask rates. For certain currencies, a money market rate, monetary policy rate or other relevant financial benchmark may apply as an input instead.

The benchmarks used when setting interest rates on deposits and financing rates on margin products are listed in the table below. Saxo Bank Switzerland reserves the right to apply a business lag to the publication of financial benchmarks when calculating and booking unrealised and realised interest.

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CurrencyDay count conventionBenchmark rates
AEDACT/360Central Bank of United Arab Emirates (CBUAE) repo rate
AUDACT/365Australian Overnight Index Average (AONIA)
CADACT/365Canadian Overnight Repo Rate Average (CORRA)
CHFACT/360Swiss Average Rate Overnight (SARON)
CNHACT/360CNH China InterBank Repo
CZKACT/360Czech Overnight Index Average (CZEONIA)
DKKACT/360Denmark Short-Term Rate (DESTR) or Current-account rate
EURACT/360Euro Short-Term Rate (ESTR)
GBPACT/365Sterling Overnight Index Average (SONIA)
HKDACT/365HKD Overnight Deposit rate
HUFACT/360Hungarian Overnight Index Average (HUFONIA)
ILSACT/360Bank of Israel (BoI) rate
JPYACT/360Tokyo Overnight Average Rate (TONAR)
MXNACT/360Overnight TIIE funding rate
NOKACT/360Norwegian Overnight Weighted Average (NOWA)
NZDACT/365Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) Official Cash Rate (OCR)
PLNACT/360Poland Overnight Index Average (POLONIA)
RONACT/360National Bank of Romania deposit rate
SARACT/360Central Bank of Saudi Arabia (SAMA) reverse repo rate
SEKACT/360Swedish Short-Term Rate (SWESTR)
SGDACT/365Singapore Overnight Rate Average (SORA)
THBACT/365Thai Overnight Rate (THOR)
TRYACT/360Turkish Lira Reference Rate (TLREF)
USDACT/360Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR)
ZARACT/365South Africa Benchmark Overnight Rate (SABOR)

When you trade an instrument in a currency that differs from your base denomination, conversions—including trading profits/losses—are executed using the FX spot mid-price, based on the time you close your position plus/minus 0.25 percent. We charge no more than plus/minus 0.25 percent in currency conversion fees.

The currency conversion fee does not apply to margin collateral. Only settlement of actual payments to or from the trading account are included—for example, buying/selling cash stocks or paying/receiving options premiums.

The rate used for currency conversion of amounts booked to your account is shown in the trading platforms under the Trades Executed report.

Custody fees for stocks and ETFs

For accounts with positions in stocks or ETFs, a custody fee is applied depending on your account tier and securities portfolio value. The custody fee is calculated daily using end-of-day position values and billed monthly, subject to 8.1% VAT. No minimum monthly custody fee is applied. The maximum charge applied amounts to CHF 10 per month.

No custody fees are charged for mutual fund investments or bond holdings.

Classic Platinum VIP
Stocks and ETFs0.22% p.a. (max. CHF 10 per month)0.15% p.a. (max. CHF 10 per month)0.12% p.a. (max. CHF 10 per month)

We do not charge an inactivity fee.

Security transfer out incurs a fee of CHF 50 – or the equivalent amount in the account currency – each security position.

For clients with a Classic account a fee of CHF 50 – or the equivalent amount in the account currency – will be charged when a client requests online reports to be delivered by email. This fee will also apply for third-party requests for reports from, for example, auditors.

Clients with a Classic Account placing orders over the phone, chat or email will be subject to a manual order fee of CHF 50 per order. Certain products that cannot be traded on the platform may be exempt.

A proxy voting service fee will be charged to clients who subscribe to Saxo Bank’s meeting services. In addition, a per vote fee will be levied for every vote or change to a vote.

Description Cost
Service subscription
 EUR 30 p.a. excl. VAT
Vote/Changing a vote
 EUR 5 per vote excl. VAT

The Service subscription fee will be charged on a quarterly basis at the end of the quarter and is non-refundable. Clients opting in and out within the same quarter will be charged the full amount. When relevant, the service subscription fee will be converted to the applicable local currency and subject to a currency conversion charge. Note that the service subscription fee will first be charged at the end of Q4 2020, no service subscription fee will be charged for Q3 2020.

The per vote fee will be charged at the time of voting. When relevant, the per vote fee will be converted to the applicable local currency and subject to a currency conversion charge. The per vote fee will be incurred from 3 September 2020 and will first be charged at the end of Q4 2020. 

Rates applicable to clients represented by an Introducing Broker (IB) or an External Asset Manager (EAM) may vary with regard to the here shown standard rates. Applicable rates are disclosed in the trading ticket or in the Trading Conditions window under the “Account” menu on the platform SaxoTrader GO & SaxoTrader PRO or in SaxoTraderGO (Monitor).

Please note that Classic and Platinum clients will be charged a fee of USD 200 for each new instrument added. VIP clients may request new instruments free of charge. The fee will be charged only when the requested instruments are successfully implemented. To check your current account tier, please go to the "Account" section of the platform and select the "Saxo Rewards" tab.

Special expenses of Saxo Bank arising from requests for information will be charged at a flat hourly rate of CHF 150.-.

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