Protection of Client Funds


The Swiss Banking Act of 2005 stipulates that all Swiss branches of banks and securities dealers must have their preferential deposits protected by esisuisse. Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. is a member of esisuisse.

esisuisse is the depositor protection scheme that guarantees client money held with Swiss branches of banks and securities dealers. If a deposit is no longer available in the event of a bankruptcy, all clients have their savings repaid by the liquidator up to a maximum of CHF 100 000. This limit applies per client and bank.

If a bank or securities dealer in Switzerland becomes insolvent, the other members of esisuisse will immediately provide the required funds. This collective scheme ensures that the clients of such an insolvent bank have their protected deposits paid out to them within one month. Deposits totaling no more than CHF 100 000 per depositor are protected. 

For further information on esisuisse and the coverage as well as an updated list of the members, please click here.

 Custody account assets

As a general rule and unlike deposits, custody account assets (e.g. shares and fund units) are the client’s property. By law, they are entirely segregated from bankruptcy proceedings and handed over to the client.

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