Withholding Tax

How are withholding taxes on dividends and interest processed?

Income from securities is credited net of applicable statutory withholding taxes without taking into account any relevant double taxation agreement.

For customers residing in Switzerland:

Please note that US withholding tax deducted from dividends does not include the "additional withholding tax USA". It is therefore not possible to reclaim the "additional withholding tax USA".

How can I reclaim withholding tax deducted from income from securities?

If a double taxation agreement exists, the first portion (usually 15% for dividends and 10% for interest) can, in principle, be credited against the income tax liability in the country of residence. The remaining portion generally has to be reclaimed from the tax authorities in the country of investment. The bank does not currently offer any services relating to the reduction of withholding taxes or tax reclaims. Customers are therefore advised to consult a tax advisor, should they deem it appropriate to do so.

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