Positive interest - make your uninvested cash work for you 

In current market turmoil, you want to stay flexible. Keeping your uninvested cash on your Saxo trading account has a lot of advantages in times you are waiting for your next opportunity. Compared to traditional savings-accounts, there are two major advantages:

  • No minimum holding period - meaning you can withdraw your funds any time or be ready to invest when you see your next opportunity.

  • The more you fund, the more you earn – you get interest on the full amount of your uninvested cash.

We are as flexible as you are. Use the interactive interest calculator to estimate the total interest received on your uninvested cash on CHF, EUR and USD. Interest on other currencies can be calculated with the figures on our General Charges page.

How much interest could I earn?

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Annual interest on

Account tier Annual interestInterest rate

Rates as of x.xx.xxxx The prices above are indicative and will vary according to the country of residency. A full overview of exact pricing is available through the platform trade tickets.

  • Market rates, updated daily

    Our interest rates are updated daily based on market conditions which means adjustments to central bank policy are reflected immediately.
  • Interest on different currencies

    Deposit in CHF or other currencies – interest on uninvested cash will be calculated based on market conditions for each currency. You can find all currencies under General charges and fees in the tab Saxo Bid / Ask Interest Rates.
  • Get higher rates with larger deposits

    If the size of your deposit increases, you will earn higher interest. Your interest rate is determined by the Saxo Bid Rate and the amount of your uninvested cash (Net Free Equity).
  • Use your trading account to earn on deposits

    Stay flexible – uninvested cash in your account can be used invest or withdraw with no lock-in periods.

How it works

You earn interest on the uninvested cash on your account in each currency.

If your total balance does not exceed Level A, no interest will be paid.

If your total balance is above Level A, you will receive a variable interest rate, scaled proportionally with the deposit amount. The more you deposit, the higher the interest rate applied to your total balance.

For balance amounts above Level B, you will receive the highest interest rate on the additional balance with no upper limit or lock-in period on the deposit.

Refer to the calculator at the top of the page to estimate the effective interest rate on your balance depending on total balance and currency.

Please note that when you trade margin products, your interest is calculated based on your Net Free Equity (NFE) and Account Value which you can read more about in our FAQ.

Read more about Net Free Equity here.
You can find an overview of the daily interest you have earned on the Account Page in the platform. Navigate to Historical Reports > Account Interest Details. Here you can see applied interest rates and amounts credited to your account for different periods.
If you have a negative cash balance, you will be charged negative interest based on the market rate, plus a mark-up. To read more about how the rate for a negative cash balance is calculated, click here.
Level A20,00010,0000
Level B100,000100,000100,000
Level A10,00010,00010,000
Level B100,000100,000100,000
Level A10,00010,00010,000
Level B100,000100,000100,000

*Equivalent in all other currencies

The investment tools you need

The investment tools you need

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