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North America

0.02 USD/share (min 20 USD)0.015 USD/share (min 20 USD)0.01 USD/share (min 10 USD)
New York Stock Exchange
0.02 USD/share (min 20 USD)0.015 USD/share (min 20 USD)0.01 USD/share (min 10 USD)
0.02 USD/share (min 20 USD)0.015 USD/share (min 20 USD)0.01 USD/share (min 10 USD)
Toronto Stock Exchange
0.03 CAD/share (min 20 CAD)0.02 CAD/share (min 15 CAD)(*)0.015 CAD/share (min 10 CAD) (*)
TSX Venture Exchange
0.03 CAD/share (min 20 CAD)0.02 CAD/share (min 15 CAD)(*)0.015 CAD/share (min 10 CAD) (*)

Europe / Middle East / Africa

Athens Exchange
0.35% (min 24 EUR)0.30% (min 12 EUR)0.30% (min 12 EUR)
BME Spanish Exchanges
0.14% (min 24 EUR)0.08% (min 10 EUR)0.06% (min 8 EUR)
Deutsche Börse (XETRA)
0.14% (min 24 EUR)0.09% (min 10 EUR)0.07% (min 7 EUR)
Irish Stock Exchange
0.14% (min 24 EUR)0.09% (min 10 EUR)0.08% (min 9 EUR)
Johannesburg Stock Exchange
0.25% (min 100 ZAR)0.20% (min 90 ZAR)0.15% (min 90 ZAR)
London Stock Exchange
0.14% (min 24 GBP)0.07% (min 7 GBP)0.05% (min 5 GBP)
London Stock Exchange (IOB)
0.14% (min 24 USD)0.08% (min 15 USD)0.06% (min 12 USD)
Milan Stock Exchange
0.14% (min 24 EUR)0.08% (min 10 EUR)0.06% (min 8 EUR)
NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen
0.14% (min 65 DKK)0.07% (min 50 DKK)0.05% (min 50 DKK)
0.14% (min 24 EUR)0.07% (min 10 EUR)0.05% (min 8 EUR)
NASDAQ OMX Stockholm
0.14% (min 65 SEK)0.07% (min 50 SEK)0.05% (min 50 SEK)
Euronext Amsterdam (AEX)
0.14% (min 24 EUR)0.08% (min 10 EUR)0.06% (min 8 EUR)
Euronext Brussels
0.14% (min 24 EUR)0.08% (min 10 EUR)0.06% (min 8 EUR)
Euronext Lisbon
0.14% (min 24 EUR)0.08% (min 10 EUR)0.06% (min 8 EUR)
Euronext Paris
0.14% (min 24 EUR)0.07% (min 8 EUR)0.05% (min 6 EUR)
Oslo Stock Exchange
0.14% (min 65 NOK)0.08% (min 50 NOK)0.06% (min 50 NOK)
Prague Stock Exchange
0.28% (min 500 CZK)0.25% (min 350 CZK)0.25% (min 350 CZK)
SIX Swiss Exchange
0.10% (min 20 CHF)0.09% (min 20 CHF)0.08% (min 8 CHF)
Vienna Stock Exchange
0.14% (min 24 EUR)0.08% (min 10 EUR)0.07% (min 8 EUR)
Warsaw Stock Exchange
0.30% (min 75 PLN)0.25% (min 65 PLN)0.20% (min 65 PLN)

Asia / Pacific

Australian Securities Exchange
0.10% (min 8 AUD)0.07% (min 8 AUD)0.05% (min 8 AUD)
Hong Kong Exchanges
0.15% (min 100 HKD)0.12% (min 80 HKD)0.10% (min 60 HKD)
HK Stock Connect (Shanghai/Shenzhen)
0.15% (min 40 CNH)0.10% (min 30 CNH)0.08% (min 20 CNH)
Bursa Malaysia
0.20% (min MYR 50)0.16% (min MYR 50)0.12% (min MYR 50)
Singapore Exchange
0.15% (min 25 SGD)0.12% (min 20 SGD)0.10% (min 15 SGD)
Tokyo Stock Exchange
0.15% (min 1,500 JPY)0.12% (min 1,000 JPY)0.10% (min 1,000 JPY)

* TSE & TSX: Commission is capped at CAD 20/trade for Shares traded below 1 CAD. For Platinum and VIP clients commission is capped at CAD 15/trade for Shares traded below 1 CAD.

All prices shown on this page are offered to new Saxo clients. Existing clients can access pricing information directly in the trading platform.

Actual price varies based on the country of client residence.

More information

We execute stock orders using smart order routing (SOR) technology, which sources liquidity from multiple venues, including regulated exchanges and MTFs, to optimise execution rates and fill ratios.

Get an overview of our available market data subscription services here

You can use a percentage of your stocks’ value as margin collateral to increase your market exposure when trading leveraged products. To see a complete list of available stocks and ETFs, along with their collateral values, click here.

You can review our trading conditions for Stocks here.

  • US exchanges 0.5 cents per share (CPS)
  • EMEA & APAC exchanges 3 bps of notional value

Custody fees for stocks, ETPs and bonds

For accounts with stock, ETP or bond positions, an annualised custody fee with a monthly minimum is charged depending on your account tier. The custody fee is calculated daily using end of day position values and billed every month subject to 7.7% VAT. There is no minimum monthly custody fee.

No custody fees are charged for mutual fund investments.

Classic Platinum VIP
Stocks and ETPs0.22% p.a. (max. CHF 10 per month)0.15% p.a. (max. CHF 10 per month)0.12% p.a. (max. CHF 10 per month)
Bonds0.22% p.a. (max. CHF 10 per month) 0.15% p.a. (max. CHF 10 per month)0.12% p.a. (max. CHF 10 per month)

Security transfer out incurs a fee of CHF 50 – or the equivalent amount in the account currency – each security position.

Taxes and fees may occur on other corporate action, other than cash dividends, such as fee on a stock dividend or tax on a merger. When such taxes and fees occur Saxo Bank Switzerland will debit the client’s account accordingly.

Find more information about our general charges here.

Specific taxes apply to stock transactions in some stock markets. You can see the taxation that applies to each market here.

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