FX Forward Outrights & NDFs

FX Forward Outrights

Whereas the FX spot market is for immediate currency trades, the FX forward market is the market for trading currencies for delivery at some point in the future. It enables you to agree a price today (the FX forward price) at which two currencies will be exchanged on a predetermined date in the future.

At Saxo, we provide full electronic access to trade FX forward outrights in 100+ currency pairs with maturities from 1 day to 12 months.

To understand the FX forward outright trading conditions please click here

Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs)

NDFs are tradeable offline only with maturities from 1 day to 12 months (3 months for CNY). 

The following currency pairs are available to trade up to certain Net Open Position (NOP) limits:

NOP Limit

Currency Pairs

USD 10 million


USD 5 million


NDFs offered by Saxo

NDFs are tradable offline only through the Global Sales Trading desk. A minimum margin requirement of 8% is applicable along with a minimum trade size of USD 100,000 or equivalent. A higher margin requirement may apply depending on the level of exposure. Prior to trading this product an addendum to Saxo’s General Business Terms must be signed.

Advarsel om valutarisiko

Valuta er kategorisert som et rødt produkt fordi det vurderes som et investeringsprodukt med høy kompleksitet og risiko.

Danske banker er forpliktet til å kategorisere investeringsprodukter som tilbys privatkunder, som grønne, gule eller røde, avhengig av produktets kompleksitet og risiko.