Forex Trading at Saxo

Trade 100+ FX pairs online in a quick, transparent, and reliable manner.

Benefit from the volatility usually associated with FX trading or simply invest internationally across currencies, forex trading brings multiple opportunities. With a rich heritage in FX trading, it’s our goal to make FX trading work for you.

Access spreads as low as 0.1 pip

Customised liquidity

With our parent company Saxo Bank operating as a Market Maker, we are able to configure liquidity for each of our clients, thanks to two decades of relationships with leading banks in the FX market. Trade a broad range of majors, minors and exotic currency pairs, in micro lots or in market sizes.

Forex Options

FX Options give you the freedom to trade puts and calls in over 40 currency pairs, including Gold and Silver. FX Options give you many of the same benefits as trading spot FX, often with more competitive pricing. Learn more on the FX Options Product page.


Forex – and our entire investment universe – is accessible on our cross-asset online platforms, delivering advanced trading capabilities and analytics. 

Stop order statistics 

We are proud of our stop order statistics – and we make it a point to make them available to everyone on a quarterly basis. You can explore Saxo Group's Historical FX Stop Order Fill Statistics here.

Orders for a range of opportunities 

Implement your unique trading strategies with simple or more advanced order types. Combine Market, Limit, Stop or Trailing Stop orders with OCO (One-Cancels-the-Other) and ‘If done’ capabilities. This combined with various order placement requirements offers true order customisation. 

Sharp execution

Experience the difference that precise execution makes. Assume control of your trading through user-defined Price Tolerance levels, and potentially benefit from price improvement during execution.

Competitive and transparent pricing from as low as 0.1 Pip

From your very first trade you benefit from simple and transparent fees, with increasing discounts for larger cumulative trading volumes.
Our spreads remain tight even when trading in larger notional sizes. 
The commission fee is consistent across all currency pairs and shown in both the trade ticket and the trade confirmation.

The world of currency trading never rests.

Market developments and trading innovations both vie for the investor’s attention. Whether you have yet to execute your first trade or want to brush up on FX Options strategies, you will find something useful in our training offering. Other traders and market participants share their insights on our sister site, giving you access to the opinions and pulse of other traders.

Visit the Saxo Academy or to expand your trading knowledge.

Participate in real-time on the platform and read the trading and investment blogs. Or you can view the modular courses and brief video lessons on Saxo Academy. Either way, knowledge doesn’t just set you free, it puts you in control.

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Key Information Documents

All trading carries risk. To help you understanding the risks involved we have put together a series of Key Information Documents (KIDs) highlighting the risks and rewards related to each product. Read more

Additional Key Information Documents are available in our trading platform.