Earn reward points for
every qualifying trade

Our new loyalty programme allows you to collect reward points to
qualify for account upgrades, including enhanced pricing and lets
you monitor your balance in real-time.

Unlock better levels of pricing and service as you collect more points.

  • Min. initial funding: £500


    Competitive entry prices and
    best-in-class digital service and support.

    • Tight entry prices
    • Expert digital service and support
    • 24/5 technical and account support
  • Min. initial funding: £200,000


    Receive up to 30% lower prices, priority
     support and much more.

    • Up to 30% lower prices
    • Expert digital service and support
    • 24/5 technical and account support
    • Priority customer support
  • Min. initial funding: £1,000,000


    Get the VIP treatment with our best prices,
    priority service and direct SaxoStrat access.

    • Our very best prices
    • Expert digital service and support
    • 24/5 technical and account support
    • Priority customer support
    • Direct access to our trading experts, 24/7
    • 1:1 SaxoStrats access
    • Exclusive event invitations

    Learn about our prestigious VIP network

How does it work?

Your loyalty is worth rewarding

  • 0 Points
  • 0 Points
  • 120,000 Points
  • 120,000 Points
  • 500,000 Points

To say thank you for trading with us, you’ll earn reward points every time you place a qualifying trade.

Collect enough points and you’ll upgrade to our higher account tiers, which offer you improved trading conditions.

  • TradeVolumePoints
    FX spot trade
    EUR 10,00030
    Stock trade
    EUR 10,000160
    CFD single stock trade
    EUR 10,000180
    Bond investment
    EUR 10,000320
  • How to earn points

    You’ll earn reward points every time you place a qualifying trade, with different asset classes and trade sizes worth a varying number of points. You can also earn points for other activities, such as adding funds to your account, attending events or referring friends.

    points catalogue

    Frequently asked questions

    It’s simple. Just open an account with Saxo and you’ll automatically join our loyalty programme, for no extra charge. Your initial deposit will determine which account tier you join first. You can then start earning reward points to upgrade your status.

    If you're a new client, your initial deposit will determine which account tier we place you in first. To qualify for an upgrade, you’ll need to earn a specific number of reward points, defined by the tier you want to join. We base qualification to a tier on the number of points you’ve earned this month, and in the three previous months. 

    For example, any points earned in January will not be included in the points total from 1 May.

    When you qualify for an account tier, you’ll receive a rolling 12-month membership. That means if you continue to meet the rolling points criteria of your tier, your 12-month membership will roll over as well. If you ever drop below the qualifying points criteria, you’ll have a 12-month grace period before we’ll move you to a lower tier, giving you time to build up your reward points again.

    There are two ways you can earn reward points by funding your account.

    1. First 30 days net funding

    As a new Saxo client, you’ll receive reward points based on your net funding during your first 30 days with us.

    Funding £500 will earn you 1,000 reward points.

    Funding £1,000,000 will earn you 500,000 reward points, and you will qualify for VIP status.

    If you withdraw funds again, your point balance will reduce accordingly.

    We’ll recalculate your points balance at the end of each day, and deduct points on a daily basis if you withdraw funds, so you can monitor your points on a regular basis. Any upgrade will be effective two working days after the balance in your Saxo account reaches the qualifying level.

    Please note that total AuM (apart from your net funding) will not be taken into consideration for the purposes of calculating points during this initial, 30-day period.

    2. Funds and AuM over time

    After your account has been open for 30 days, you’ll continue to receive points for the funds you hold with us, but as these funds may have converted from cash to positions the points you receive will be based on the total average assets under management (AuM) of your account, rather than the cash balance. This refers to the total value on your account, including any deposits and open positions.

    Your reward points are calculated based on the monthly average AuM, and you’ll receive your points two trading days before the end of each month.

    An average AuM of EUR 10,000 for example, would earn you 250 Reward points every month.

    Please note that we will not include AuM in our calculations during the first 30 days of your account being open. Rather, during this period we will factor in net funding into the account, as outlined above.

    If you don’t meet the points criteria of your tier, we won’t move you to a lower tier immediately. Instead, you’ll enter a 12-month grace period. This means you can continue to enjoy all the benefits of your current account tier for at least another 12 months.

    This should give you time to collect enough reward points to qualify for your current tier again. If you do, your rolling 12-month membership will start anew. We will only consider moving you to a lower tier if you’re unable to meet the points criteria of your tier at any time during the grace period.

    1. Your Saxo Rewards tier is strictly personal to your own client account and is non-transferable. Abuse of the Saxo Rewards programme inconsistent with the intention of the programme may lead to you being disqualified from the Saxo Rewards programme, and Saxo may require you to indemnify it for any losses  and/or damage arising from such abuse.
    2. Saxo reserves the right to modify the Saxo Rewards programme, including these terms, at any time. This includes (but is not limited to) changes such as:
        1. Tier qualification requirements and/or conditions;
        2. The type of benefits accruing to the various tiers (as applicable);
        3. Validity duration of Saxo Rewards points; and
        4. Special features, offers and/or promotions (as applicable) that may be available to various tiers.
    3. You accept that you are responsible for keeping yourself updated on any changes that Saxo may implement to the Saxo Rewards programme from time to time.

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