Refer a friend

Introduce like-minded traders to Saxo and earn up to £1,000 for every successful referral you make.*

Earn up to
£1000 per referral*

If your friend deposits over £500
You receive £100

If your friend deposits over £20,000
You receive £500

If your friend deposits £200,000
You receive £1,000

*Full qualifying Terms and Conditions available here.

How it works


You refer a friend

Follow the link below and fill in our simple form to introduce us to a like-minded trader.


They open an account

We'll assist your friend with any questions during the account opening process.


You get a reward

Once they meet all requirements we credit your account.


To make a referral, simply fill out the form on our website and submit your friend's details. Please ensure you have your friend's consent before doing so.

To qualify for a referral reward your friend must meet all requirements outlined in the Terms and Conditions, and have their account funded at the time the credit payment will be made.

If you're eligible for a reward, we will credit your account on the first day of the following month after you qualify.  Please note, we allow the referred client 30 days to meet our minimum funding requirements, so it may take longer than expected to credit your account.
You can make up to 3 successful referrals per rolling 3 month period. If you have more friends you'd like to refer, please contact us directly.