Using bonds as collateral for margin trading

Saxo Bank allows a percentage of the investment in certain bonds to be used as collateral for margin trading activities.

The collateral value of a bond position depends on the rating of the individual bond, as outlined below:

Rating definition* Collateral percentage
Highest Rating (AAA) 95%
Very High Quality (AA) 90%
High Quality (A) 80%


* as rated internally by Saxo Bank

Example: 80% of the market value of a bond position with an A rating can be used as collateral (instead of cash) to trade margin products such as Forex, CFDs or Futures and Options.

Please note that Saxo Bank reserves the right to decrease or remove the use of bond positions as collateral.

For further guidance or to request the rating and collateral treatment of a specific or potential bond position, please send an email to or contact your account executive.

Updated 7th June, 2016

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