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SaxoStrats - Latest market updates

Steen Jakobsen

Chief Investment Officer

Summary:  How should you navigate the volatile financial markets? - see latest research from SaxoStrats below

How to spot low in market (if at all possible) - Peter Garnry

Two monitors to observe for change in markets:

Turning point indicators #1 – VIX futures term structure
Turning point indicators #2 – Financials to utilities ratio


Helicopter Money - Christopher Dembik

From Macro Perspective we have reached end-of-the-road for monetary policy meaning government and more precise helicopter money is up - Please educate yourself via Christopher Dembik piece below and prepare for inflation risk in your portfolio and mortgages! (broken down supply chains, infinite free money spending and assets and energy at floor levels è Big reflation / inflation coming - Yes hedge your mortgage next three months for next 30 years)

It's time for free money

Killer Dollar - John Hardy

The killer dollar is on the loose

Commodities - Ole S Hansen

Gold remains troubled but headlines unlikely to persist
COT: Commodity exposure cut as deleveraging reigns

Finally my piece:

Pro’s and Con’s is 10.000 feet perspective on the markets and how to navigate them:

Macro Digest: Pros & Cons of risk and markets. Do you feel lucky?


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Steen Jakobsen - Chief Economist and CIO

2020-03-17 - Market Quick Take - March 17, 2020
2020-03-17 - Macro Digest: Pros & Cons of risk and markets. Do you feel lucky?
2020-03-16 - Market Quick Take - March 16, 2020
2020-03-13 - Steen's Chronicle - The 10 year bull market just died of coronavirus
2020-03-13 - Market Quick Take - March 13, 2020

John Hardy - Head of FX Strategy

2020-03-17 - FX Update: The killer dollar is on the loose.
2020-03-16 -
FX Update: Fed bazooka fails to impress. G7 meeting next test.
2020-03-13 - FX Update: Markets picking up the pieces after the deluge
2020-03-12 - FX Update: ECB needs to shock and awe today, then FOMC next week
2020-03-11 - FX Update: Policymakers readying their bazookas

Peter Garnry - Head of Equity Strategy

2020-03-13 - US stocks in focus for mean-reversion
2020-03-13 - NAV discounts in credit ETFs underscores the 'dash for cash' environment
2020-03-12 - Today Europe committed an historic policy mistake
2020-03-11 - Will European policy makers pull out the bazooka tomorrow?
2020-03-10 - Lessons from 2008 on how to navigate equities in high volatility

Ole Hansen - Head of Commodity Strategy

2020-03-15 - COT: Commodity exposure cut as deleveraging reigns
2020-03-15 - COT: Dollar long cut by most in eight years
2020-03-13 - A lesson from 2008 - watch gold as a leading indicator
2020-03-10 - Crude oil collapse highlights the global virus disruption

Christopher Dembik - Head of Macro Analysis

2020-03-17 - It's time for free money
2020-03-16 - France is the next front in the coronavirus battle
2020-03-16 - Chart of the Week: Container volumes at the Port of Los Angeles
2020-03-12 - ECB: Time for SME bailout
2020-03-11 - Credit Impulse Update: A key engine of US growth is stalling

Kay Van-Petersen - Global Macro Strategist

2020-03-15 - Macro Dragon: Fed Surprise Cut (Again) with coordinated central bank action - what happens if this time, we don't rally?

Eleanor Creagh - Australian Market Strategist

2020-03-12 - Disappointment All Round
2020-03-11 - Volatility the name of the game

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