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Whether you need a quote on financial markets or insight into the Saxo Group's business areas, Saxo's experts and executive spokespeople are always available for comments to the media.

Journalists are invited to address their enquiries to the Saxo Group's global press contact below. 

Steffen Wegner Mortensen

Head of PR and Public Affairs, Saxo Group

+45 3977 6343
+45 3065 4300

Cathrine Kier - Maternity leave

Global Head of Communications

+45 3977 4980
+45 2068 4510

Lasse Lilholt

PR & Communications Manager

+45 3977 6344
+45 5358 6015

Filip Vestergaard Poswiata

PR Coordinator

+45 3977 4698

Andreas Oredson Jørgensen

PR Coordinator

+45 3977 4379

Kim Fournais

Co-Founder & CEO of Saxo Bank

Kim Fournais is co-founder and CEO of Saxo Bank. He held various positions in the financial services sector, before establishing Saxo Bank with Lars Seier Christensen in 1992 under the name Midas. Fournais headed Midas alone until 1995, when Seier Christensen joined as co-CEO.

Steen Blaafalk

Chief Financial & Risk Officer

Steen Blaafalk is Global Head of Finance and Risk Operations at Saxo Bank, and a member of the Board of Management. He is responsible for all legal, compliance, finance, risk management, and client and business intelligence within the Bank.

Søren Kyhl

COO of Saxo Bank

Søren Kyhl is Chief Operating Officer (COO) and member of the Management Board with responsibility for daily operations and execution including overseeing the bank’s digital experience, marketing and data science.

Damian Bunce

Chief Client Officer

Damian Bunce is Chief Client Officer, member of the Executive Team and Head of global distribution and client services at Saxo Bank, responsible for the origination, retention and growth of High Value Direct Clients and Wholesale Clients.

Ashok Kalyanswamy

Chief Information Officer

Ashok Kalyanswamy is Chief Information Officer at Saxo Bank and a member of the bank’s Executive Team. He is responsible for the strategic direction and operations of Saxo Bank’s global IT organization, serving as the leader for Saxo’s IT-team counting around 500 employees.

Stig Christensen

Head of Group Human Resources

Stig Christensen joined Saxo Bank on January 1, 2016 as Head of Group Human Resources. He is responsible for managing all human resource activities at Saxo Bank to allow for the successful execution of strategy.

Steen Jakobsen

Chief Economist & CIO

Steen Jakobsen first joined Saxo Bank in 2000 and has served as both Chief Economist and Chief Investment Officer since 2009. He focuses on delivering asset allocation strategies and analysis of the overall macroeconomic and political landscape as defined by fundamentals, market sentiment and technical developments in the charts.

Ole Hansen

Head of Commodity Strategy

Ole Hansen joined Saxo Bank in 2008 and has been Head of Commodity Strategy since 2010. He focuses on delivering strategies and analyses of the global commodity markets defined by fundamentals, market sentiment and technical developments.

John Hardy

Head of FX Strategy

John Hardy joined Saxo Bank in 2002 and has been Head of FX Strategy since October 2007. He focuses on delivering strategies and analyses in the currency market as defined by fundamentals, changes in macroeconomic themes, and technical developments.

Peter Garnry

Head of Equity Strategy

Peter Garnry joined Saxo Bank in 2010 and is Head of Equity Strategy. In 2016, he became responsible for the quantitative strategies team, which focuses on how to apply computer models to financial markets. He develops trading strategies and analyses of the equity markets as well as individual company stocks applying statistics and models.

Kay Van-Petersen

Global Macro Strategist

Kay Van-Petersen joined Saxo Bank in 2014 as a Global Macro Strategist, based in Singapore. He focuses on delivering strategies and analyses across asset classes based on monetary & fiscal policies, global geopolitical landscapes as well as other macroeconomic fundamentals. He also takes into account market sentiment, technical and momentum factors.

Simon Fasdal

Head of Fixed Income

Simon Fasdal joined Saxo Bank in 2011 and is Head of the Fixed Income Trading desk. He focuses on delivering strategies and analyses of the bond markets defined by fundamentals, market sentiment and technical developments.

Christopher Dembik

Head of Macro Analysis

Christopher Dembik joined Saxo Bank in 2014 and has been the Head of Macro Analysis since 2016. He focuses on delivering analysis of monetary policies and macroeconomic developments globally as defined by fundamentals, market sentiment and technical analysis.

Althea Spinozzi

Fixed Income Specialist

Althea Spinozzi joined Saxo Bank in 2017, and serves as Fixed Income Specialist. Althea produces Fixed Income research and works directly with clients in order to help them select and trade bonds. Because of her background in leveraged debt, she is particularly focussed on high yield and corporate bonds with attractive risk and return.

Eleanor Creagh

Australian Market Strategist

Eleanor Creagh joined Saxo Bank in 2018 and serves as the bank’s Australian Market Strategist, responsible for creating, implementing, and monitoring equity strategies and research for traders and investors, as well as developing quantitative models and customised mathematical frameworks for institutional clients.

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