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Whether you need a quote on financial markets or insight into the Saxo Group's business areas, Saxo's experts and executive spokespeople are always available for comments to the media.

Journalists are invited to address their enquiries to the Saxo Group's global press contact below. 

Saxo Group Media Centre

Find an archive of press releases and contact details of our media spokespersons, both locally and at Group Communications in Copenhagen. Read More 

Press Contacts

Steffen Wegner Mortensen

Head of PR and Public Affairs, Saxo Group

+45 3977 6343
+45 3065 4300
Lasse Lilholt

Lasse Lilholt

PR & Communications Manager

+45 3977 6344
+45 5358 6015

Andrea Harding Vinjebo

PR Coordinator

+45 3977 1912

Hans Christian Hauerbach

PR Coordinator

+45 3977 6307

Executive Spokespeople

Kim Fournais

Co-Founder & CEO of Saxo Bank

Read More

Steen Blaafalk

Chief Financial & Risk Officer

Søren Kyhl

Deputy CEO and COO

Damian Bunce

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Ashok Kalyanswamy

Chief Information Officer

Stig Christensen

Head of Group Human Resources

Expert Spokespeople

Steen Jakobsen

Chief Economist & CIO

Ole Hansen

Head of Commodity Strategy

John Hardy

Head of FX Strategy

Peter Garnry

Head of Equity Strategy

Kay Van-Petersen

Global Macro Strategist

Christopher Dembik

Head of Macro Analysis

Althea Spinozzi

Fixed Income Specialist

Eleanor Creagh

Australian Market Strategist

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