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Saxo survey reveals investor sentiment aligns with general market uncertainty

Saxo, a global leader in online trading and investment, releases the findings of its recent client survey, shedding light on investor expectations and sentiments on the financial markets for the second quarter of 2024. Amidst the backdrop of unpredictability in global financial markets, the response from our panel of investors mirrors concerns over market uncertainty.

The beginning of 2024 has been characterised by changing market expectations. Initially, the sentiment overall was largely pessimistic, as market players anticipated rate cuts. Since then, it has shifted unexpectedly towards becoming more optimistic, with many stock markets at or near all-time highs. 

"Investors, including Saxo clients, came positively into 2024 after a strong 2023 in which a recession was avoided and great returns were delivered in equities. This position has been rewarded so far in 2024 despite unusual volatility in expectations around central bank policy rates and inflation," Garnry added. 

U.S. expected to outperform, while Europe may lag behind

The panel of clients had a divided sentiment towards the major U.S. S&P 500 index, with just over half of the respondents expecting an increase, while nearly thirty percent anticipate a decrease. 
When asked about regional performance, half of the investors see North America as outperforming other financial regions. Conversely, approximately 40% of the respondents believe Europe will lag, highlighting the mixed conviction among market participants.

Central bank policies to play crucial role

Investors cite central bank policies as a key factor that will influence the financial markets this quarter. The survey highlighted that geopolitical tensions, the upcoming U.S. election, and ongoing recession concerns are also significant factors that could impact investment strategies. 

"With interest rate cuts continue to be postponed, geopolitical tensions still high, and the US election gets closer, there is a lot of room for increased volatility in financial markets that merits that clients review whether their portfolios are set up for a turbulent quarter and beyond, " says Garnry. 

Explore the full results of the sentiment survey below:

How do you think the American S&P 500 index will perform in the coming quarter (Q2)?

Big decrease2.2%
No movement15.2%
Big increase1.1%
I don’t know6.5%

What do you think will have the most impact on the performance of the S&P 500 index in the coming quarter (Q2)? 

Macroeconomic indicators38.0%
Corporate earnings22.8%
Political climate10.9%
Other (please specify)11.4%
None of the above1.1%

 Which global sector do you think will perform the best in the coming quarter (Q2)?

Consumer discretionary1.1%
Consumer staples2.7%
Health care6.0%
Information technology33.7%
Communication services1.1%
Real estate3.3%
Other (please specify):5.4%
I don’t know6.5%

Which region do you think will perform the best in the coming quarter (Q2)?

North America48.9%
Emerging markets14.1%
Other (please specify):2.2%
None of the above/I don’t know3.3%

Which region do you think will perform the worst in the coming quarter (Q2)?

North America12.0%
Emerging markets18.5%
Other (please specify):0.5%
I don’t know10.3%

Below we list some macro-economic events that may affect financial markets in the coming quarter. Which ones (if any) do you think will affect your investment strategy in the coming quarter (Q2)?

US election30.4%
Central bank policy58.7%
Recession scares23.4%
Geopolitical tensions44.6%
Other (please specify):2.2%
I don’t know2.7%

About the survey:

The purpose of the Client Sentiment Survey was to gain insights into the expectations of Saxo’s clients for the upcoming quarter.

The survey was distributed to Saxo clients  between 12/03/2024-02/04/2024 and consisted of 185 respondents. The survey was executed in English and sent to potential respondents globally who have English selected as their preferred communications language. 

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