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The concept of money and our financial systems is mired in myths, misconceptions and mixed feelings. Watch Kim Fournais, CEO and Founder of Saxo, give his perspective on how to make an impact – and make your money matter.

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    Money: a tool for impact or the root of all evil?

    No matter how it’s used, money does not make decisions. People make decisions. As money has transformed the exchange of goods and services between all mankind, it is used for both good and evil.

    While we cannot erase evil, we can pursue good. We can choose the impact we want to make. Are you ready to make that choice?

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    Don’t stop showering
    – start investing

    Impact is personal. You have the freedom and the obligation to choose the impact you want to make on the world. No matter your convictions, investing is far more powerful than almost anything else you can do as an individual. That is true power – and it’s there for you to use on what matters to you.

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    Money can buy you happiness – if you invest it in something meaningful

    Accumulating money will not make you happy. The ability to earn, invest and spend it in a meaningful way, however, will put you on the path towards happiness. It is not for us or any other bank to define what is meaningful for you – but we can help you get there. So what makes you happy?

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  • Movie 4 out of 5

    We need water. We need oxygen. We need win-win markets.

    Not a day has gone by in the history of humanity where we did not need each other. Capitalism is not an ideology – it is a system. And while it possesses the potential for  humans creating win-win transactions among each other, even systems can be flawed. We need to mend and transform the system, but we cannot do it alone. Whether we call it humanistic capitalism or win-win markets, what matters is that we start to use the strength of the system to make the best possible impact on the most important thing we have: each other.

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  • Movie 5 out of 5

    Information overload: how algorithms and AI can enable you to make an impact

    The information in the world doubles every 13 months – our brain power does not. We already leverage technology and innovation to help choose music, navigate traffic and much more. It is time to use the power of technology to make the impact and decisions that really matter. So what matters to you?

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