Futures Trading Commissions

Commissions for online traded contracts

These commissions are for each contract and for each trade (buy, sell or at expiry) through SaxoTrader and exclude exchange fees which are listed under the contract specifications.

Contracts Available for Trading Instrument Code Fees
Hang Seng Index HSI Exchange Fee HKD 10.54 per contract per side
H-shares Index HHI Exchange Fee HKD 4.04 per contract per side
Mini-Hang Seng Index MHI Exchange Fee HKD 3.60 per contract per side
Mini-H-shares Index MCH Exchange Fee HKD 2.10 per contract per side


Contract /Currency Trade Volume: Contracts/Month
1-250 251-1,000 1,001-5,000
AUD AUD 10.00 AUD 5.00 AUD 2.50
EUR EUR 6.00 EUR 3.00 EUR 1.50
GBP GBP 5.00 GBP 2.50 GBP 1.25
SGD SGD 10.00 SGD 7.50 SGD 3.75
USD USD 6.00 USD 3.00 USD 1.50
CHF CHF 8.00 CHF 4.00 CHF 2.00
JPY JPY 1,000.00 JPY 800.00 JPY 750.00
SEK SEK 75.00 SEK 40.00 SEK 20.00
CAD CAD 6.00 CAD 3.00 CAS 1.50
HKD HKD 30.00 HKD 25.00 HKD 20.00
NZD NZD 15.00 NZD 7.50 NZD 4.00

If you trade more than 5,000 contracts per month, please contact us for pricing.

If no agreement exists to the contrary, clients will be charged the highest price category in the table. Contact Saxo Capital Markets to apply for another price category if applicable based on previous trading volumes.

Moves to different price categories take place at the discretion of Saxo Capital Markets and always take effect from the beginning of the following month without any adjustment in commissions already paid.

* For Nordic Power Futures a different pricing table applies, please contact your Account Manager.

See full list of available Futures Contracts.

Minimum ticket fee

The minimum ticket fee per Futures contract trade is USD 10, EUR 10, GBP 8, CHF 11, AUD 12.5, CAD 10, JPY 1200, SEK 100 or SGD 20.

Italian Futures
Contract / Currency Trade Volume: Contracts / Month
1 - 250 251 - 1,000 1,001 - 5,000
EUR EUR 6.00 EUR 3.00 EUR 1.50

Minimum ticket fee per Futures contract trade is EUR 13.

For transactions between 0-100,000 Euros an additional 0.5 EUR per trade will be added to the commission; for transactions of 100,001+ EUR an additional 5.0 EUR will be added per trade.

Carrying Cost

Overnight positions in Futures are subject to a carrying cost.
The carrying cost is calculated on the basis of the daily margin requirement and applied when a position is held overnight. The funding rate used for calculating the carrying cost is based on the relevant Interbank-rate + markup (150 bps).

Carrying Cost = Margin requirement * Holding time * (Relevant Interbank rate + Markup) / (365 or 360 days)

Futures Risk Warning

A Future is categorised as a red product as it is considered an investment product with a high complexity and a high risk.

Saxo Capital Markets is required to categorise investment products offered to retail clients depending on the product’s complexity and risk as: green, yellow or red. Please refer to our "Product Risk Categorisation".

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