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Data Ethics Policy

In Saxo, we have defined a set of principles governing the ethical use of data to ensure that we are creating an ethical culture when working with data, and acting within a collective agreement on questions to do with data ethics. The below principles enable us to work responsibly and ethically to protect our clients, employees and partners.

Our principles on data ethics

The principles governing data ethics are based on three virtues vital to Saxo’s foundation: Integrity, Honesty, and Rationality. The principles are essential to how we handle data and form the basis for our commitment to a high standard of ethical data processing.

The Executive Management of Saxo Bank has appointed an ESG Committee, which comprises key stakeholders including members of the Executive Management. The Committee works closely with the Executive Management in ensuring, among others, that our principles on data ethics are integrated into our daily work.

  • KEEPING DATA SECURE: In Saxo, we have high standards for ensuring our clients’ data security and privacy, and we hold ourselves accountable to these. That also means that we must hold 3rd parties responsible to the same standards as ourselves.

  • PRIVACY: Financial gains are never more important than human rights. At Saxo, we believe that we can make successful solutions without compromising our clients’ privacy.

  • NON-DISCRIMINATIVE: Saxo exists to get curious people invested in the world, and to do so, we must be aware of how decisions and actions can cause accidental bias. As a global company with a very diverse workforce and client base, we strive to be unbiased and non-discriminative when developing solutions.

  • TRANSPARENCY: While ensuring privacy is key, we are transparent about how and why we use our clients’ data and the value it brings to our solutions.

  • TRUTHFULNESS: We know that mistakes happen. We must be honest about our wrongdoings to get better and achieve continuous improvement.

  • OBJECTIVITY: Saxo is an independent provider, and we always try to stay neutral when we offer support to our clients. To protect our clients, we must offer products and services based on the suitability, preferences, and knowledge of the clients.

  • RESPECT: In Saxo, our clients are in control of their data. We will never assume what our clients want, so we will always ask for permission. We never forget that there are people behind the data. We will treat our clients with fairness and respect.

  • RESPONSIBILITY: Saxo solutions must be designed to not negatively impact individuals currently or in the future. Using personal data or new technologies should always be positive for our clients, not negative. In Saxo, we always think win-win for the clients and the company.

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