SaxoTrader, Professional Trading Platform

SaxoTrader turns your desktop into a sophisticated trading environment. 

Access your Saxo account with SaxoTrader and customise your trading environment across multiple screens. Take advantage of a full suite of trading tools and features, across all asset classes and segments of the global Saxo universe. 


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Cross-device platform, allowing you to trade on many devices from your  Saxo account. Geared towards investors and traders on the move. Your settings and preferences migrate seamlessly. 


Accessible from any browser on a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Or use our iOS or Android apps. Switch devices seamlessly.

Simple functionality with quick, reliable trading and order execution. Intuitive charting, technical analysis, and trading from the chart.

Comprehensive information. Market research, news and economic calendar. Push-notifications, info-streams and access to the Saxo Academy.

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Why choose SaxoTrader?

Fully customisable

Choose the markets, instruments, charts and trading components to create your own individualised trading environment. Including dedicated and specialised trading modules for different asset classes to satisfy even the most demanding trader. Customise your view across screens. 

Professional tools

Advanced charting on your desktop including in-chart annotations, technical indicators, multiple-instrument views and trading from the chart. Furthermore, SaxoTrader offers algorithmic trading and options chains. In the Open Positions module you can view and manage positions and related orders in one integrated workflow.

Built for speed

SaxoTrader offers fast and accurate trading, position and order management. Gain quick access to the most important features and trade instantly – directly from the Trade Board, Trade Ticket, Charts or a Watchlist.

Fully customisable trading environment

Additional charting features

Order Management in chart

Full drag-and-drop functionality when adding new or amending existing orders allows you to manage orders while never leaving the chart.

View multiple instruments

Analyse the relative strength of two instruments using the comparative chart – or simply view multiple instruments with separate price axes.

Easy-to-use annotation tools

Fast and accurate annotations tools allow you to quickly mark-up support and resistance levels, Fibonacci retracement levels, and more.

55 built-in technical indicators

The charting module offers a wide range of built-in Trend indicators, Moving Averages, Oscillators, Volume Studies, and more.

Customisation of indicators

Today's technical traders demand flexibility from their trading software, so all settings of the built-in technical indicators are highly customisable.

Chart types, period and range 

Quickly switch between various chart types, period and range selections. Select the period and range with just one click via the selector grid.

Charts in SaxoTrader

​​​​Charts in SaxoTrader

Clients can benefit from the functionality and features of a professional charting solution, delivered as standard  in SaxoTrader. Not only does the intuitive design offer great usability and order management, and will greatly improve your ability to manage orders and current positions.

Clients can benefit from the functionality and features of a professional charting solution, delivered as standard  in SaxoTrader. Not only does the intuitive design offer great usability and order management, and will greatly improve your ability to manage orders and current positions.

General platform features

Custom workspaces

SaxoTrader’s workspace is fully customisable, so you can create a trading environment that fits your product interests and trading style.

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Financial news and calendar

Saxo Bank provides clients with a customisable macroeconomic calendar for regional events in the major global economies. 

Order Management in charts

Full drag-and-drop functionality when adding new and amending existing orders. Manage your orders without leaving the chart.

Extensive market analysis

Streaming news service and direct access to Saxo dealers via a two-way dealer chat module.

Platform Access

Available on Windows

The SaxoTrader platform, both live trading and the demo trading, are available on Windows.

Download SaxoTrader for Live Trading
Download SaxoTrader for Demo Trading

Cross-Asset Access


182 FX currency pairs traded as Spot and 140 as Forward Outrights

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Forex Options

Puts and calls in 40 pairs - including Gold and Silver - plus 6 FX Touch Options pairs

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19,000 Stocks on 36 exchanges

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Equity Options

200+ Equity Options in markets throughout the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific

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ETFs and ETCs

3,101 ETFs & ETCs on 36 stock exchanges worldwide

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9,000 CFDs, including 8,840 CFD Single Stocks, 29 Index-tracking CFDs and Commodities

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700+ Futures spanning 22 global exchanges, in a wide range of asset categories

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Contract Options

75 Contract Options in many asset categories including metals, energy and interest rates

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7,000 Bonds from 26 countries and in 21 different currencies

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SaxoSelect Balanced Portfolios

Portfolio management reduced to its essence. We believe in providing a smart, simple and transparent choice, that allows the investor to make a clear decision. Learn more

SaxoSelect Equity Portfolios

SaxoSelect Equity Portfolios represent equity investing at its apex. Carefully calibrated, seeking high performance through diversified stock picking performed by experts, they are designed to tap the full potential of the global stock markets.

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SaxoSelect Trading Strategies

SaxoSelect Trading Strategies bring trading and investment approaches to your Saxo Account, with all the benefits of accessibility, control and transparency this entails.

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