Global reach for equity traders

Whether you prefer to buy local stocks or diversify your portfolio with ETFs or foreign equity - with Saxo you can connect to equity markets in the US, Europe, Asia, as well as emerging markets

Change the way you trade equities:

Access over 19,000 equities and ETFs across the world’s major exchanges
Trade on SaxoTraderGO – our stable, intuitive cross-device trading platform
Enjoy competitive rates and transparent execution across 1000s of global equities
Active Trader rates with reduced commission levels available, based on trading volume*

Powerful tools such as Smart Order Routing and Algorithmic Orders support you in executing your strategy
Financial news feeds, economic data and market analysis streamed directly into the platform
Insightful stock screening and automated technical analysis allow you to evaluate new investment opportunities
Use a percentage of your stock value as margin collateral against Forex, CFD or futures positions


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Please note that if you are already transferring your Barclays International Trader or Foreign Dealing account to Saxo you do not need to open a new account.

ExchangeStandard CommissionsActive Commissions*
NASDAQ & NYSE0.01 USD/share
(min 9.90 USD)
From 6 USD flat fee(1)
London Stock Exchange0.10%
(min 4.99 GBP)
From 4.99 GBP flat fee(2)
Deutsche Börse (XETRA)0.10%
(min 12 EUR)
From 9 EUR flat fee(3)
Euronex Paris0.10%
(min 12 EUR)
From 9 EUR flat fee(4)
Hong Kong0.15%
(min 150 HKD)
0.10% fixed rate
(min 100 HKD)
Tokyo Stock Exchange0.15%
(min 1,500 JPY)
0.08% fixed rate
(min 1,250 JPY)

(1) A flat fee of 6 USD applies up to a trade size of 1,000 shares. Above this threshold the commission is 0.007 USD/share for Active traders.
(2) A flat fee of 4.99 GBP applies up to a trade size of GBP 30,000. Above this threshold the commission is 0.035% for Active traders.
(3) A flat fee of EUR 9 applies up to a trade size of EUR 30,000. Above this threshold the commission is 0.05% for Active traders.
(4) A flat fee of EUR 9 applies up to a trade size of EUR 20,000. Above the threshold the commission is 0.05% for Active traders.

*Active Trader rates apply to accounts transacting more than 100 equity related trades per month. Find out more.

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When you deal shares with Saxo, you have access to:

An intuitive platform

SaxoTraderGO is our cross-device platform, allowing you to trade seamlessly across devices from one Saxo account. Geared towards investors and traders on the move the platform offers straightforward functionality with quick, reliable trading and order execution.

Education & Analysis

Saxo provides more than just an opportunity to trade or invest. Professional analysis tools, state-of-the-art technology, and expert insight from the Saxo Group’s strategy team come together in a with one goal - helping you to succeed.

Lower rates for active traders

Execute 100 trades or more per calendar month on stocks, ETFs and single stock CFDs and you could qualify for our equity active pricing plan. Enjoy competitive rates on all tradeable instruments including UK equities from just £5 per trade. Please click here to find out more about our Active Trader pricing, including terms and conditions.

Stocks as margin collateral

For traders familiar with trading Forex, CFDs or Futures, you can use a percentage of your stock value as margin collateral to increase your market exposure and ability to act on potential market opportunities.

Global markets, multiple asset classes, one account. With SaxoTraderGO, based on your experience and appropriateness, you may also have access to trade other products:


Gain access to over 19,000 global stocks from 36 exchanges across US, Europe and Asia Pacific.
Trade over 180 currency pairs including GBPUSD and EURGBP with aggregated liquidity from top tier-one providers.
Trade financials as a Stock CFD with access to over 9,000 CFDs, including 29 index-tracking CFDs.
fxoFX Options
Get exposure to puts and calls in 40 pairs, including gold and silver, plus 6 FX Touch Options' pairs.
eqfETFs & ETCs
Track the performance of the FTSE 250 and access more than 3,000 ETFs with one-click execution.
Get access to 200+ Futures spanning 22 global exchanges, including CME Group, Eurex and Euronext.
Use up to 92% of your Bonds value as collateral for trading margined products like Forex and CFDs.

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