Equities Market Data

The value of your investments can go down as well as up.
Losses can exceed deposits on margin products. Please ensure you understand the risks.

At Saxo all equities trade on actual market data from the stock exchanges. To receive and trade on real-time market data, you will have to subscribe to the individual exchange. 

A subscription to live price data from an exchange gives you access to live prices on Stocks, Single Stock CFDs, ETFs/ETCs and CFDs on ETFs/ETCs from the particular exchange.

An Online Subscription Tool is available in the trading platform. In the tool, you will find a list of available exchanges and news services alongside the applicable monthly fees. You will be able to subscribe and unsubscribe to services of your choice. Further information can be found in the Subscription Tool guide, which is also available on the trading platform. 

Level 1 or Level 2 data

Level 1 price data refers to the first level of the order book on the exchange. With a Level 1 subscription you can see live, streaming, bid and offer prices.

With a Level 2 price data subscription you can see live, streaming prices as with Level 1 but on top of this you can see the market depth of bid/offer prices and the amounts available at each price point.

Exchanges - CFDs and Stocks Level 1 Level 2
Private Professional Private Professional
North America & Canada
7,00 USD 27,00 USD Only level 1
Nasdaq (TotalView)
Only level 2 17,00 USD 84,00 USD
New York Stock Exchange
7,00 USD 54,00 USD* Only level 1
NYSE (AMEX and Arca)
7,00 USD 28 USD Only level 1
NYSE, AMEX and Arca (TotalView)
Only level 2 7,00 USD 7,00 USD
Toronto Stock Exchange
Only level 2 25,00 USD 104 USD
Toronto Stock Exchange (incl. Venture)
14,00 USD 68 USD Only level 1
Bats U.S.
7,00 USD 14,00 USD Only level 1
Europe / Middle East / Africa
Athens Exchange
7,00 EUR 10 ,00 EUR 10,00 EUR 13,00 EUR
BME Spanish Stock Exchange
7,00 EUR 32,00 EUR 17,00 EUR 61,00 EUR
Borsa Italiana/Milan Stock Exchange (Stocks and Futures)
7,00 EUR 17,00 EUR 10,00 EUR 55,00 EUR
Budapest Stock Exchange
7,00 EUR 13,00 EUR 10,00 EUR 27,00 EUR
Deutsche Börse (XETRA)
18,00 EUR 71,00 EUR 24,00 EUR 87,00 EUR
Deutsche Börse Stock Indices and ETFs (DAX)
7,00 EUR 10,00 EUR Only level 1
Euronext Stock Exchange
7,00 EUR 76,00 EUR 10,00 EUR 110,00 EUR
Irish Stock Exchange
7,00 EUR 13,00 EUR 10,00 EUR 23,00 EUR
Johannesburg Stock Exchange
11,00 USD 41,00 USD 14,00 USD 58,00 USD
London Stock Exchange
6,00 GBP 52,00 GBP 8,00 GBP 198,00 GBP
London Stock Exchange (IOB)
6,00 GBP 29,00 GBP Only level 1
Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen Stockholm Helsinki
7,00 EUR 39,00 EUR 10,00 EUR 72,00 EUR
Oslo Børs/Oslo Stock Exchange
60,00 NOK n/a 120,00 NOK 370,00 NOK
Prague Stock Exchange
7,00 EUR 16,00 EUR 10,00 EUR 28,00 EUR
SIX Swiss Exchange
7,00 CHF 30,00 CHF 108,00 CHF 108,00 CHF
Warsaw Stock Exchange
29 PLN 220 PLN 190 PLN 238 PLN
Wiener Börse/Vienna Stock Exchange
7,00 EUR 41,00 EUR 10,00 EUR 53,00 EUR
Wiener Börse/Vienna Stock Indices
7,00 EUR 10,00 EUR Only level 1
Bats Europe All Markets
n/a 28,00 GBP 17,00 GBP 63,00 GBP
Bats Europe BE FR NL PT
Only level 2 6,00 GBP n/a
Bats Europe CH ES IT
Only level 2 6,00 GBP n/a
Bats Europe DE AT
Only level 2 6,00 GBP n/a
Bats Europe DK FI NO SE
Only level 2 6,00 GBP n/a
Bats Europe UK IE
Only level 2 6,00 GBP n/a
Asia / Pacific
Australian Securities Exchange
Only level 2 24,00 AUD 90,00 AUD
Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX)
144,00 HKD 144,00 HKD 240,00 HKD 240,00 HKD
Singapore Stock Exchange
15,00 SGD 15,00 SGD 72,00 SGD 72,00 SGD
Tokyo Stock Exchange (Stocks and Futures)
835 JPY 2,760 JPY Only level 1

Data fee refund for active equity trading

For clients who trade equities and subscribe to real time market data, Saxo has introduced a refund scheme where fees are refunded per exchange should clients trade a minimum of four (4) times across both stocks, ETFs and/or CFDs during each calendar month. 

For the Australian Securities Exchange the minimum is six (6) trades.

Refunds are only applicable for non-professional clients subscribing to level 1 data, except for the Australian Securities Exchange where the refund applies to level 2 data.

The definition of non-professional and professional subscribers may vary by exchange. Refunds are calculated on a monthly basis but paid out on a quarterly basis.