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Index TrackerSpread(1) ClassicSpread(1) PlatinumSpread(1) VIPContract SizeCurrencyTrading Hours(2)

North America

US Tech 100 NAS
1.000.700.501 indexUSD18:01 - 16:00
US 30 Wall Street indexUSD18:01 - 16:00
US 500
0.500.500.401 indexUSD18:01 - 16:00


Belgium 20
13.0012.0012.001 indexEUR09:10 - 17:25
Denmark 25
2.501.250.751 indexDKK09:10 - 16:55
EU Stocks 50
2.001.751.501 indexEUR01:16 - 22:00
France 40
2.001.501.001 indexEUR08:01 - 22:00
Germany 30 indexEUR01:16 - 22:00
Germany Mid-Cap 50
15.0010.007.001 indexEUR09:10 - 17:25
Germany Tech 30
4.504.004.001 indexEUR09:10 - 17:25
Italy 40
12.00 *11.00 *11.00 *1 indexEUR09:01 - 17:30
Netherlands 25 indexEUR08:01 - 22:00
Norway 25
1.000.900.801 indexNOK09:10 - 16:20
Portugal 20
25.0020.0015.001 indexEUR08:10 - 16:25
South Africa 40 indexZAR08:31 - 17:30
Spain 35
8.006.504.001 indexEUR08:01 - 20:00
Sweden 30
0.650.550.451 indexSEK09:01 - 17:25
Switzerland 20
3.002.501.751 indexCHF08:01 - 22:00
UK 100
1.000.900.851 indexGBP01:01 - 21.00
UK Mid 250
44.0042.0040.001 indexGBP08:10 - 16.25


Australia 200
1.501.401.251 indexAUD09:51 - 07:00(2)
Hong Kong
12.0011.0010.001 indexHKD09:16 - 03:00(2)
Japan 225
12.0010.008.001 indexJPY07:31 - 04:45(2)

All prices shown on this page are offered to new Saxo clients. Existing clients can access pricing information directly in the trading platform.

Actual price varies based on the country of client residence.

Index-tracking CFD contract details (expiring)

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Index TrackerSpread(1) ClassicSpread(1) PlatinumSpread(1) VIPContract SizeCurrencyTrading Hours(2)
0.500.400.401 indexUSD20:01 - 16:00
China 50
12.0011.0011.001 indexUSD09:01 - 01:55
India 50 indexUSD09:01 - 01:55
0.300.200.201 indexSGD08:31 - 01:55
0.400.300.301 indexUSD08:46 - 01:55

* Italy 40: Italian derivatives are subject to Italian Financial Transaction Tax (Stamp duty) which is applied for both buys and sells. Click here for more information about the Italian Financial Transaction Tax (IFTT). Also, an additional charge of 2 bps. (0.02%) of the trade amount is applied, to cover Saxo Bank’s increased cost of execution and hedging due to IFTT.

(1) Spreads: the spreads indicated are minimum spreads and depend on the spread of the underlying futures contract. If the underlying future trades at a spread that is larger than the minimum spread, the Index spread will be increased with the additional spread from the future. Example: Germany 30 normal spread is 1.5 index points if the future spread is 0.5 indicating normal conditions. If the liquidity is low in the future and the spread is 1, the Index spread will be 1.5 + (1 - 0.5) = 2.

(2) Trading hours are stated in the local hours of the underlying exchange - please note that the Hong Kong Index trading session has a mid-session break between 11:59-12:59 and an evening break between 16:25-17:16, the trading session in Japan 225 has a break between 14:20 and 14:56 and the Australia 200 there is a break between 14:30 and 15:11. For CHINA50 there is a mid-session break between 15:55 and 16:41. For INDIA50 there is a mid-session break between 18:05 and 19:16.For SINGAPORE there is a mid-session break between 17:10 and 18:16. For TAIWAN there is a mid-session break between 13:45 and 14:36.

All prices shown on this page are offered to new Saxo clients. Existing clients can access pricing information directly in the trading platform.

Actual price varies based on the country of client residence.

Other costs

A borrowing cost may be applied to short Single Stock CFD positions held overnight. This borrowing cost is dependent on the liquidity of the underlying Stocks and may be zero (0) for high liquidity Stocks. The specific borrowing rate for a Stock can be seen as the 'Borrowing Rate' under 'Account' > 'Trading Conditions' > 'CFD Stock/Index Instrument List' in the trading platforms.

When selling a CFD, the borrowing cost for holding the position overnight is shown in the CFD Trade module in the 'Estimated borrowing cost per day' field. The borrowing rate will be fixed when the position is opened and will be charged on a monthly basis. Please be aware, that for certain corporate action events, the borrowing rate on the short position may be reset to the current rate in the market, upon the execution of the corporate action.

If you open and close a CFD position within the same trading day, you are not subject to borrowing costs.

Positions held overnight in CFD Futures will be subject to a carrying cost.

The carrying cost is calculated on the basis of the daily margin requirement and applied when a position is held overnight. It is charged at the end of each month.

The funding rate used for calculating the carrying cost is based on the relevant Interbank-rate + markup at: 2.5% (classic accounts), 1.5% (platinum accounts), or 0% (VIP accounts).

Carrying Cost = Margin requirement * Days held * (Relevant Interbank rate + Markup) / (365 or 360 days)

Please note that relevant benchmark rates are floored at 0%.

The Bid/Ask spread will be equal to the minimum target spread in approx. 99% of the quote updates, during the opening hours of the underlying cash market.

This gives clients an improved trading experience and a high degree of certainty with regards to trading costs associated with entering and closing CFD Index Tracker positions.

Please note that Fixed spreads are available for selected CFD indices only under normal market conditions up to the trade amounts listed in the table below.

Index Tracker NameSymbolTrade amount (contracts)*

North America

US 30 Wall StreetUS30.I15
US 500US500.I100
US Tech 100 NASUSNAS100.I25


EU StocksEU50.I100
France 40FRA40.I10
Germany 30GER30.I10
Italy 40ITALY40.I10
Netherlands 25NETH25.I10
Spain 35SPAIN35.I20
Sweden 30SWE30.I100
Switzerland 20SWISS20.I10
UK 100UK100.I20

Asia / Pacific

Australia 200AUS200.I10
Japan 225JPY225.I1,000
Hong KongHK50.I25

* Based on the Bid/Ask spread of all CFD index trackers (with fixed spreads enabled) during trading hours. Measured on 01/09/2016. Please note that fixed spreads only apply under normal market conditions and up to a certain trade size.

When you hold an Index or Single Stock (Single Stock and ETFs/ETCs) CFD position overnight your position will be subject to the following credit or debit:

  • Long positions incur a financing markup of +3% (classic/platinum accounts) or +2% (VIP accounts).
  • Short positions incur a financing markdown of -3% (classic/platinum accounts) or -2% (VIP accounts).

Find more information about our general charges here.

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