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Saxo Group: FX Options Update

Saxo Group’s Head of FX Options Dan Juhl-Larsen shares his experience and insights for trading FX options, and looks at the opportunities on offer in the market.

Head of FX Options, Dan Juhl-Larsen, Saxo Group

Saxo Group

Saxo Group: Commodities Update

Stay updated on what’s happening with oil, gold and other raw materials. Join Saxo Group Head of Commodity Strategy Ole Hansen as he explores the world of commodities and how fundamentals, geopolitics and other factors could influence prices.
He also looks at market opportunities for both traders and investors.

Head of Commodity Strategy, Ole Hansen, Saxo Group

Saxo Group

Saxo Group: Bonds Update

Join this webinar with Saxo Group’s fixed income experts and learn more about the opportunities in the bond markets. They will explore global and local bond markets and present different trading strategies for both corporate and government bonds.

Fixed Income Specialist, Althea Spinozzi, Saxo Group

Saxo Group

Saxo Group: Equity Update

Whether you’re a trader or an investor, stocks offer a range of exciting opportunities both in the short- and long-term. In his webinars, Saxo Head of Equity Strategy Peter Garnry takes a closer look at equity markets and indices as well as the performance of various industries and individual company stocks.

Head of Equity Strategy, Peter Garnry, Saxo Group

Saxo Group

Saxo Group: FX Update

Stay ahead of FX developments by joining Saxo Group Head of Forex Strategy John Hardy for his regular update. John looks at what’s happening with all major currency pairs like EURUSD and USDJPY and how they might be impacted by market moving events. He also explores potential ways to seize trading opportunities.

Head of FX Strategy, John J Hardy, Saxo Group


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