Stock Trading & ETFs

Access over 19,000 global stocks and a wide range of ETFs from 36 of the world's exchanges with Saxo Capital Markets.

Seek opportunities on the most sought after global shares as well as emerging markets in Europe, Asia and beyond. Manage and trade your equity investments quickly and simply from a single Saxo account.

Build your positions, hedge your risks and use your portfolio as collateral for cross-asset-class trading, all from one account and from the same intuitive platform, with powerful, yet unobtrusive, technological tools that put you in control.


As low as 7.90 AUD per trade

With Saxo Capital Markets, a stock trade can cost you as little as 7.90 AUD. If you execute 100+ trades a month, you qualify for an active pricing plan with some of the lowest rates in the market. But our commitment to clear and competitive pricing holds true for all traders, not just the most active ones. And with our excellent service and technology, you get real value for money at any level. Please refer to our pricing overview for detailed info.

See prices as low as 7.90 AUD per trade
Why trade Stocks and ETFs with Saxo Capital Markets?

Powerful Tools

With straightforward handling and robust technology, our cross-asset platforms put you in control. Beyond that, technologies such as Smart Order Routing and Algorithmic Orders support you in implementing your strategy and finding the best conditions for your trades.

Multi-Currency Account

Through Saxo Capital Markets you can trade in multiple currencies. Investors also benefit from free stock transfers when transferring their stocks to Saxo from other providers. Transfer fees from previous suppliers may still apply.

Research & Analysis

Providing the necessary information for your decisions goes further than market prices and customisable newsfeeds. We offer powerful research tools such as stock screener, charting capabilities and access to in-house and third-party analyses.

Wide Access

Choose stocks from dozens of markets in the US, Europe and Asia. Browse and research stocks directly in the trading platform and execute trades immediately. With Saxo’s broad market access, you needn’t miss out on any opportunity.

Smart Order Routing 
Saxo Capital Markets executes Stock and CFD orders via SORs (Smart Order Routers), which are sophisticated algorithms placing orders across multiple venues in order to achieve the best result. To minimise market impact and improve quality of execution, SORs execute across regulated markets (Exchanges), MTFs and other liquidity venues. 

Algorithmic Orders

Algorithmic Orders are especially useful for larger or more advanced stock orders. They used algorithmic equations to independently execute order transactions most efficiently, according to the client’s chosen strategy. They can also break down an order into smaller parts to avoid showing the full size of the order. 

Stocks as Margin Collateral 

If you also trade Forex, CFDs or Futures, you’ve already got collateral with which to act on the next great opportunity. Use a percentage of your Stocks value as margin collateral and increase your market exposure.

Wide range of Stocks

Saxo offers a wide range of stocks for all types of traders and market strategies. See the full list here. 

Rates and Conditions

Whether you pay on a linear, per-trade basis or enjoy the benefits of volume-based pricing, our rates are transparent, the plans are easy to understand, and you know before each trade what it will cost you. 


Price Plans

At Saxo Capital Markets, you do not choose the price plan, the price plan chooses you. Depending on your trading behaviour, you either pay according to a linear plan, or benefit from 'active pricing' as you increase your volumes and trades.

Pricing that fits your trading behavior

Now you can trade Stocks as low as 7.90 AUD per trade

The more you trade, the lower prices can go. 100 trades a month and you get our lowest rates. We reward loyalty not only with quality and service, but also on price.


As low as

7.90 AUD

per trade

The Saxo Academy – train your skills

Learn the basics of stock trading.

Or complete your investor’s toolkit by learning about specific types of analyses or strategies. The best performers in any field know that you can never finish honing your skills. Let the Saxo Academy be your coach. 

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