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Funding Instructions

How to fund your trading account?

Please be aware that Saxo Capital Markets (SCM) is unable to accept funds before account opening due diligence is completed and you have received your account details. Any funds received before this process has been completed, will be returned to your sending account, less bank charges (if any).

*if you are unable to provide your reference number, please provide Cash Management with a copy of the remittance for verification.

Credit / Debit Card

Funding DescriptionInstant Transfer via Card Module on SaxoTraderGO
Transaction Fee

Please refer to our Credit and Debit Card Payment Factsheet

Transaction CurrencyAUD and USD
Transaction LimitPlease refer to our Credit & Debit Card Payment Factsheet
Banking information / process For further information on funding via credit/debit card payments, please refer to below links.


Merchant Transaction Fees are charged by the Payment Service Provider. 
Saxo does not charge any fees relating to credit card payments.


Please note the following if you wish to send SCM Australia a personal cheque in order to fund your trading account:

  • the cheque must be delivered to SCM Australia by mail or in person.
  • it can take up to 5 working days before the funds are available in your trading account after the cheque
    has been received.
  • ensure to place your Saxo Client ID on the back of your cheque.
  • SCM Australia only accepts personal cheques for AUD currency;

SCM Australia only accept personal cheques from Australian or permanent residents.

*Please note that Saxo Capital Markets does not accept BANK CHEQUES.

You can either post your cheque to SCM Australia’s postal address, or you are welcome to personally deliver
the cheque to SCM Australia’s office. Please see details below:

Postal Address
Saxo Capital Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd
Attn: Client Operations
South Sydney NSW 1235

Office Address
Level 25, 2 Park Street

Electronic Funds Transfer & Telegraphic Transfer

AUD Bank Account Details:
Bank: HSBC
Account Name: Saxo Capital Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd
BSB: 342 011
Account Number: 451747163
Reference: * Your Saxo Client ID (e.g. 1357683)

FX Currency Bank Account Details:
Bank: HSBC Bank Australia Limited
Address: 28 Bridge Street Sydney, NSW 2000
Account Name: Saxo Capital Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd
Account Number: See below for currency Account Number
Reference: *Your Saxo Client ID (e.g. 1357683)

Bank Address
HSBC Bank Australia Limited
28 Bridge Street
Sydney NSW 2000

FX CurrencyAccount Number

Please ensure that you have read the below general section on important information relating to funding your account.

Before you fund your trading account with SCM, please ensure that your existing bank account has been opened under the same name (in the exact order, sequence and form) as the name which has been used to open your SCM trading account. You can only withdraw funds from your trading account to a bank account held under your name. Please instruct your bank to include your Saxo Client ID and Name in your transfer instructions.

Third Party Funding is Not Accepted

SCM does not accept incoming funds from any third party. SCM will only accept funds originating from a bank account held in the same name registered with SCM. This rule applies to both individual accounts as well as corporate accounts.

Funds received from any third party accounts will be returned (less bank charges) to the sender. The funds should typically reach the sender’s account within 5 to 10 working days, however, there may sometimes be a delay depending on the banks involved.

Unaccepted Forms of Payment

SCM does not accept Banker’s Drafts, Cash Deposits and remittances from Exchange Houses/Money Changers. Funds received from any or all of these payment channels will be rejected and returned to the sender (less bank charges, if any).

Currency Conversions:

If you transfer funds that are in a different currency than the currency of our HSBC account, your funds will be accepted and automatically be converted to the appropriate currency by HSBC who will charge a non-refundable currency conversion fee. For example, if you send USD to our AUD account 011-451747-163 at HSBC, HSBC will convert your USD to AUD and credit our account.

If your funds are subsequently rejected by us (for example, for Third Party Funding or remittances from Exchange Houses/Money Changers), any currency conversion already carried out on your funds will not be reversed.

If you do not have a SCM account denominated in the same currency as our HSBC account that your funds have been transferred to, we will convert the funds to the appropriate currency when crediting your SCM account, and you will be charged a non-refundable currency conversion fee as described in our Commissions, Charges and Margin Schedule. For example, if you send AUD to our AUD account 011-451747-163 at HSBC, and you only have a USD-denominated SCM account, we will convert your AUD to USD and credit your SCM account.

Remittance Charges:

SCM can and will only credit your account with the actual monies received on your behalf.

Remittance charges should be fully covered by the sender.

Rejected funds due to remittance received before the Due Diligence has been completed and you have received your account details or remittance received from Exchange Houses/Money Changers or any third party (including family members) will be returned to the sender less bank charges (if any).


Request for Proof of Remittance

Please note that we are required under the Anti-Money Laundering rules and regulations to request for and verify proof of remittance from our clients. Although such request may not be made immediately upon making the bank transfer or credit/debit card payment, Saxo Capital Markets reserves the right to request for such proof at a later date. If the client is unable to furnish such proof of remittance within a reasonable period of time, we are entitled to limit or restrict