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Funds Withdrawal

Third Party Withdrawal is Not Accepted

Please note that you can only withdraw funds from your trading account to a bank account held under your name. Saxo Capital Markets is unable to facilitate funds transfers to or from third party accounts. This policy applies to both individual accounts as well as corporate accounts.

Online Withdrawal

You can withdraw your funds from the SaxoTraderGO platform by following the steps on “How to Withdraw Funds Online”.

If you do not have access to the Online Cash Withdrawal Module, please download and submit the Withdrawal Form to us.

Processing fee

SCM does not charge any fees for withdrawals submitted via the Online Cash Withdrawal Module. However if you do have access to the Online Withdrawal Module but are submitting a withdrawal request via the manual Funds Withdrawal Form, a processing fee of AUD 30 will be applied.

Charges for Outgoing Transfers

In line with market practice, please note that Saxo Capital Markets bears only the bank transfer charges for outgoing instructions disbursed from our end. As the beneficiary, you will receive your payment minus the correspondent (intermediary) bank charges, if any such fees are charged by the receiving bank. These fees differ from bank to bank, for details of such charges, please contact with your bank representative directly.

The above mentioned change has no impact on incoming funds from you to Saxo Capital Markets.