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Queries and Complaints

Saxo Capital Markets Pte Ltd (“Saxo Markets”) is committed to fair dealing and ensuring that a high standard of service is maintained. Should you feel that our level of service or quality of products has failed to meet your expectations, please first raise this with the Saxo staff you are speaking to or ask to speak to their manager. We are confident that your concerns can be addressed at this level.

If our responses do not resolve the matter to your satisfaction, you may file a formal complaint to the Complaints Team via the online form.

Alternatively, you may complete this form and mail it to:

Saxo Markets 
Attention: Complaints (Team)
3 Church Street
Level 30 Samsung Hub
Singapore 049483
We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within two business days of receipt. We will investigate the matter and aim to respond within 14 working days. We will also correspond directly with you if we require additional time for investigation or further information from you.
If you feel that we have not provided a satisfactory resolution to your complaint, after giving us the opportunity to investigate and resolve it, you may lodge a written complaint to the Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre (“FIDReC”). The complaint can be lodged through FIDReC’s website at You may also reach FIDReC at (65) 6327 8878 or