Commodity Alpha

Gain exposure to gold, energy, agriculture and more with a strategy that targets high and potentially volatile returns via leveraged positions


Expand your portfolio with a strategy that targets returns independently of market conditions


Have expert traders spot opportunities and place trades on your behalf, directly in your account


Monitor individual positions and performance in real time, wherever you are


Add or withdraw funds anytime – and manage your risk by adjusting your Investment Shield.

  • A systematic commodity strategy targeting returns no matter the market conditions

    Commodity Alpha aims to create returns by exploiting supply and demand imbalances in the commodity market. It trades commodity CFDs across metals, energy, livestock and agriculture sectors.

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  • Performance*


    Total return since inception
    Performance is net of all fees

    Performance breakdown
    YTD: -28%
    2021: 87.84%
    2020: 94% **

    *As of 31/07/22. Performance is net of all trading costs, and service and performance fees. Net performance is illustrated with a performance fee that assumes investment since inception, with no additions or withdrawals during the period. Performance fee varies depending on your date of entry to the strategy, and your personal high watermark.

    Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. For a full overview of performance, please see the product sheet.

    **From May 2020 to December 2020

    Quarterly product sheet

    Quarterly commentary

  • Competitive pricing

    Keep costs low with a 0.5% service fee and a 20% performance fee that’s only charged when the strategy achieves positive performance.

    The minimum investment is USD 20,000.

  • Costs
    Service fee
    0.5% per year
    Performance fee20% per year
    If your portfolio reaches a new high watermark
    Transaction fees Equivalent to our VIP rates
    Depending on specific instruments traded
    Total expected cost17.61% per year  

icon - info btn updatedThe service fee and performance fee are deducted quarterly, on a pro rata basis. For more information on strategy costs, click here.

Why invest in Commodity Alpha?

Why invest in Commodity Alpha?

Investing in Commodity Alpha means getting access to institutional-grade asset management at retail prices and entry requirements

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Proven track record

A tried-and-tested strategy with proven results over time

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Always in the know

You can access your account to monitor your positions and performance anytime, from anywhere

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Always in control

You can set an Investment Shield, which acts as an automated stop-loss order for your positions and gives you peace of mind

icon - info btn updatedCommodity Alpha is categorised as very high risk. To assess whether Commodity Alpha is the right investment option for you, we require you to take a quick suitability test before investing. The test determines your risk profile and, based on it, the portfolio options that are suitable for you.

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Take the suitability test to assess your risk profile

Choose an investment based on the test results


If you don’t have a Saxo account, create one and add funds, considering the minimum investment amount required for the portfolio you’re interested in. Then follow these steps:

1. Open the platform and click the ‘SaxoSelect’ tab
2. Take the suitability test to determine your risk profile and the managed portfolios that are suitable for you 
3. Browse the portfolio options and choose one by clicking “Invest”
4. Add the amount you’d like to invest and confirm your choices.

If you already have a Saxo account, just access the ‘SaxoSelect tab’ in your platform and follow the steps above. The first time you invest in a managed portfolio you’ll have to take the suitability test, which is different from the appropriateness test (for self-directed investing).

Costs depend on the portfolio’s performance and the transaction fees of the underlying instruments. Here is an overview of all the fees included:

Service fee: This is what we charge you for managing your money. It is an annual fee, deducted quarterly on a pro-rata basis. To see how we calculate the service fee, click here.

Transaction fees: These are the fees associated with all the trades placed as part of the managed portfolio. When investing in Commodity Alpha, you benefit from our lowest transaction fees (equivalent to VIP rates).

Performance fee: We only charge you this fee if the portfolio has a positive performance, which we determine by using a high watermark indicator. The high watermark is the highest value your portfolio has ever realised, based on either your initial investment value or any quarter-end value during the time you’ve been invested in the portfolio. This means we only charge a performance fee when your portfolio value reaches new highs. To see how we calculate the performance fee, click here.
The minimum investment is USD 20,000.
There is no minimum investment period and you can exit at any time for free. However, our managed portfolios are designed for long-term investing and we recommend them if you intend to invest for several years.
Commodity Alpha is categorised as very high risk, due to the high conviction and the nature of leveraged positions.

Over the long term, you can expect to be rewarded for the risk assumed. However, significant drawdowns in excess of 20% are a real possibility throughout some periods. Commodity Alpha should not generally be considered appropriate for savings or traditional investing purposes.
This is a set of questions that will determine your risk profile and, based on it, the portfolio options that are suitable for you. Based on your answers, you may receive a risk profile that doesn’t match your initial portfolio choice, which means you won’t be able to invest in that portfolio. If this is the case, please check that your answers are accurate and contact us if you need clarification. You can always retake a suitability test.

The suitability test is mandatory. It is the portfolio manager’s responsibility to ensure that the investment made on your behalf is suitable for you – and the suitability questions are the primary method for such determination.
The Investment Shield is a risk management tool you can activate once you invest in Commodity Alpha. It acts as an automated stop-loss order for your funds so that they never go below a threshold that you’re comfortable with. For example, if you’ve invested USD 30.000 in Commodity Alpha, you can set an Investment Shield for USD 25.000, so your funds never go below this amount.
You can withdraw all your money anytime, for free, by exiting the portfolio. You can also make partial withdrawals as long as you keep your portfolio value above the minimum investment amount.
Once you open a Saxo account and take the suitability test, you’ll be able to see detailed information about a portfolio’s composition, past performance, investment methodology and more.
Please access our dedicated support page here.


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