Simplified pricing effective 4 March 2024

We are pleased to offer a simpler pricing structure, which will apply to all new Saxo accounts opened from 1 February 2024 onward. For Saxo accounts opened prior to 1 February 2024, this simpler pricing will be applicable from 4 March 2024 onward. Please refer to below for more details.

The account tiers are determined by Saxo Rewards. Click here to learn more about it.

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These commissions apply for each contract and for each trade (buy, sell or at expiry) and exclude exchange fees which are listed under the contract specifications.​

Please refer to the trading platform (and pre-trade tickets) for the prevailing charges and fees, in the event of any perceived inconsistencies or introducing/bespoke arrangements, and for EUR denominated Power Futures whereby a different pricing applies. Note: All equities, bonds, futures and options commissions will be charged with the prevailing Goods and Services Tax (GST) of Singapore. This is applicable to SG residents only.

If you trade more than 5,000 contracts per month, please contact us for pricing.

Benefits & Services

How it works

All clients on the Platinum and VIP account tiers will earn interest on your account balance above SGD 5,000 (or equivalent) at a rate varying with your account balance. So the more you deposit, the higher rate you will earn. You will earn the best rate on your account balance above SGD 100,000 (or equivalent), with no cap on how much you can deposit. With no lock-in, your funds will remain available to withdraw or invest, while earning interest.

Please note that when you trade margin products, your interest is calculated based on your Net Free Equity (NFE) and Account Value. Saxo pays interest on uninvested cash on the Platinum and VIP account tiers. With no lock-in period or cap, your rate tracks the market rate, as you prepare to invest.

What interest could I earn?

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Annual interest to be earnt on

Account Plan Annual InterestInterest Rate*

* Rates as of x.xx.xxxx Rates are provided on a per annum basis. The interest calculator is provided for illustrative purposes only and the information obtained by using the calculator is not, and should not be taken as financial advice to any individual or corporation. Results may vary depending on the accuracy of the information you provide and prevailing interest rates and/or assumptions. Notwithstanding, Saxo’s interest rates are subject to the provisions of our General Business Terms.

What is Net Free Equity?
Read more about Net Free Equity here.

What interest could I earn on my uninvested cash?
Saxo pays interest on uninvested cash on the Platinum and VIP account tiers. With no lock-in period or cap, your rate tracks the market rate, as you prepare to invest.

What happens if I have a negative account balance?
If you have a negative account balance, you will be charged negative interest based on the market rate, plus a mark-up. If you trade margin products, such interest is calculated based on your Negative Net Free Equity / Account Value.

Does the Deposit Insurance Scheme in Singapore apply to my account?
Saxo operates as a Capital Markets Services (CMS) Licence holder in Singapore (and not as a bank or finance company). Therefore uninvested cash in your Saxo account is not covered by the Deposit Insurance Scheme that is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation. Saxo is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and all of your monies are segregated from Saxo’s own funds and held on trust with HSBC (one of the world’s leading banking institutions). Our parent company Saxo Bank A/S has also received an investment grade BBB rating from S&P Global Ratings, representing the Saxo Group’s dedication to maintaining a strong financial position, resilient business model and providing cutting-edge services to its clients.

How to earn cash rebates

Our cash rebates are simple and transparent, paid automatically to all clients meeting the threshold on the Classic, Platinum and VIP account tiers.

Simply trade above USD 10M (or equivalent) in notional value in FX or CFD Indices in a calendar month and start earning attractive rebates – details in the table below. Rebates will be credited to your Saxo account within five business days, from the start of the following month.​

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Trade VolumeTrade VolumeTrade Volume
FX - min. notional tradedUSD 10M – 25MUSD 25M – 50M> USD 50M
CFD indices - min. notional tradedUSD 10M – 25MUSD 25M – 50M> USD 50M
Rebate per USD M traded above min. notionalUSD 3USD 5USD 10

Example – Client trading FX and CFD Indices

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Traded Notional value (NV)USD 20.15M
(rounded to USD 20M)
USD 45MUSD 312.6M
(rounded to USD 313M)​
On the first USD 10M​NilNilNil
On the next USD 10-25M​​10 x USD 315 x USD 315 x USD 3
On the next USD 25-50M​​Nil20 x USD 525 x USD 5
Above USD 50M​​​NilNil263 x USD 10
Total cash rebate earnt​​​​USD 30USD 145USD 2,800

Terms and conditions

1) Saxo will award cash rebates (“Cash Rebates”) to a Client with reference to the actual notional value of the Client’s trades that exceed the prescribed minimum notional value (“Minimum Volume”) per instrument class that is prescribed on Saxo’s Website (“Eligible Instruments”), on a calendar month basis. The Cash Rebate will not directly increase or decrease any fees, commissions, spreads or other charges applied by Saxo toward the Client.

2) For the purpose of assessing the Cash Rebate to be awarded, Saxo will:

  1. Only consider trade orders which have been filled as a trade;
  2. Assess the actual notional value of trades made by the Client separately for each class of Eligible Instruments (i.e. not across the classes of Eligible Instruments cumulatively);
  3. Assess the actual notional value of trades made by the Client for each class of Eligible Instruments across all Accounts of the Client and in doing so, apply a currency conversion rate as Saxo reasonably determines;
  4. Round up or round down the actual notional value of the Eligible Instruments traded by the Client to the nearest USD 1 million; and
  5. Assess the actual notional value of trades made by the Client at the end of each calendar month.

3) The amount of Cash Rebate to be awarded to a Client is dependent on the Client’s account tier and may differ between types of Eligible Instruments. The amount of Cash Rebate to be awarded for trades on Eligible Instruments and the applicable Minimum Volume will be published on Saxo’s Website.

4) When awarding Cash Rebates to a Client, Saxo will:

  1. Credit such Cash Rebates to the Account designated as the main trading account of the Client during the following calendar month; and
  2. If the main trading account of the Client is not denominated in USD, convert the Cash Rebate into the currency of the main trading account at such conversion rate as Saxo reasonably determines.

5) Saxo reserves the right to determine at its sole and absolute discretion all matters arising out of or in connection with Cash Rebates, including eligibility and the applicable criteria. Saxo’s determination of all matters relating to Cash Rebates shall be final and conclusive.

6) Saxo reserves the right, and has sole and absolute discretion, to prohibit any Client from being eligible for Cash Rebates, from utilising Cash Rebates, and to revoke any Cash Rebates, in the event that Saxo determines, at its sole and absolute discretion, that these Terms have not been complied with, including but not limited to the following:

  1. where the Client has acted fraudulently or dishonestly;
  2. where the Client has conducted himself/herself in bad faith or otherwise in an inappropriate manner to gain an unfair advantage against Saxo; and/or
  3. where the Client has acted in a manner which is generally inconsistent with the intended operation of the granting and use of Cash Rebates.

In such event, the Client shall not be entitled to any payment or compensation from Saxo.

7) All capitalised terms not defined above shall have the same meanings as defined in the General Business Terms.

These are the rates applicable for margin lending.

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Benchmark rate +2.0%Benchmark rate +1.5%Benchmark rate +1.0%

The benchmark rate used for margin lending depends on your account currency. The add-on rate depends on your account tier, as shown above.

Other fees

When you trade an instrument in a currency that differs from your base denomination, conversions—including trading profits/losses—are executed using the FX spot mid-price, based on the time you close your position, plus/minus 0.25 percent. You will incur no more than plus/minus 0.25 percent in currency conversion cost, which is charged by us.

The currency conversion cost does not apply to margin collateral. Only settlement of actual payments to or from the trading account are included—for example, buying/selling cash stocks or paying/receiving options premiums. If you transfer cash between your sub accounts denominated in different currencies, you will incur the same currency conversion cost.

The rate used for currency conversion of amounts booked to your account is shown in the trading platforms under the Trades Executed report.​

Please note that when you transfer money in a currency which is different from your Saxo account currency, you might be charged excessive conversion cost by the intermediate banks. We highly recommend that you open a Saxo sub-account denominated in the same currency as the money you wish to transfer, and carry out the currency conversion within Saxo to enjoy our lower conversion cost of plus/minus 0.25 percent.​

These are the rates applicable for CFD financing.

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Overnight financing markup/down ratesClassicPlatinumVIP
Index CFDs and Single Stock CFDs
Long / Short positions
Benchmark rate +/-3%Benchmark rate +/-2.5%Benchmark rate +/-2%

These are the custody fees applicable for Stocks, ETFs/ETCs and Bonds.

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If opted in to Securities Lending0%0%0%
If opted out of Securities Lending0.12%0.12%0.06%

For clients on the Classic account tier, the service level fee of USD 50 – or the equivalent amount in the account currency – will be charged when client requests online reports to be delivered by email. This fee will also apply for third-party requests for reports from, for example, auditors.​

Please note that clients on the Classic and Platinum account tiers will be charged a fee of USD 200 for each new instrument added. VIP clients may request new instruments free of charge. The fee will be charged only when the requested instruments are successfully implemented.​

You can subscribe to real time market data per exchange via the platform and it will be renewed automatically every month. Note that subscriptions are paid for each calendar month, which means that even if you subscribed in the middle of the month, you will be charged for the whole month. The fee will be deducted on the next day after you subscribe if you choose to subscribe in the middle of the month. The refund of the real-time price data subscription for active equity trading continues to apply.

Enjoy free live Level 1 market data for US and European stocks. Click here for more details.

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