SaxoSelect Managed Portfolios

Your money, professionally invested.

Direct: A simple way to have your money professionally managed, online

Cost Effective: Competitive pricing compared to traditional investment managers

Quality: Your portfolio is based on the insights of leading investment companies

Control: Enter or exit portfolios at any time, without cost

Choice: Catering for different investor requirements. 

Introducing SaxoSelect

SaxoSelect is a cost-efficient and simple way to have your money managed, online. It covers three portfolio types for you to choose from according to your investment goals and risk appetite. 
Introducing Manged Portfolios with SaxoSelect
An introduction to the SaxoSelect Managed Portfolios options at Saxo Bank.

Choose from three investment options

Which portfolio is right for me?

SaxoSelect currently holds nine different managed portfolios, split into three categories. You may consider the portfolios based on the nature of your investment (long-term savings vs. disposable trading capital) and your individual appetite for risk.

Managed portfolios from Saxo are different

Online and Direct

No time consuming and costly requirement for a middleman or relationship manager. Existing Saxo clients can enjoy SaxoSelect by simply completing a suitability assessment, and deal with us directly.

Collaborates with Leading Investment Companies 

To provide the best managed portfolios that we can, we work with world leading investment experts and with proven traders for our advanced trading strategies.

One Account, Multiple Portfolios

We are leading the way at providing a wide variety of managed portfolios online, catering for long term multi asset investments to equity portfolios and advanced trading strategies.

Low Entry to a High End Service

This smart portfolio management service starts from just GBP 10,000. Our advanced technology enables us to offer portfolio management that has previously only been available for much higher amounts.


Some managed portfolios offer a very attractive single, all-inclusive fee. Others enjoy reduced transaction costs – a strong advantage of belonging to a highly established broker.

Feature Rich User Experience

SaxoSelect makes full use of the cutting edge platform developed by Saxo for its broker clients. Gain access to a wealth of detail about your portfolio and more.

A Reputation for Innovation

Saxo Group has been an industry leader in digital finance for more than two decades. We have a “FinTech” reputation, built on disrupting traditional financial services and making them better.

SaxoSelect FAQs

Get started in just three steps

Step 1) Open a Saxo account or login for existing clients

Step 2) Browse the SaxoSelect managed portfolios

Step 3) Complete suitability questions (if required) before investing*

Invest Now

*Before entering a managed portfolio for the first time, a set of suitability questions must be taken.
This typically takes a few minutes.

Contact us for more information

If you didn’t find what you were looking for or have additional questions about SaxoSelect, you can request a call from our sales team to contact your shortly.