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15 FICAS Active Crypto ETPBTCA:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeCHF
21Shares Binance BNB (ETP)ABNB:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Bitcoin Cash ETPABCH:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Bitcoin ETPABTC:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Bitcoin ETP (CHF)ABTCU:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeCHF
21Shares Bitcoin Suisse Index ETPABBA:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeCHF
21Shares Bitwise Select 10 ETPKEYS:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Crypto Basket Index ETPHODL:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Ethereum ETPAETH:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Ripple XRP ETPAXRP:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Short Bitcoin ETPSBTC:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Stellar ETPAXLM:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Sygnum Platform WinneMOON:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Tezos ETPAXTZ:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Solana ETPASOL:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Algorand (ALGO) ETP - USDALGO:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Avalanche ETPAVAX:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
CoinShares Physical Bitcoin ETNBITCUSD:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Crypto Basket 10 ETPHODLX:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
CoinShares Physical LitecoinLITE:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Polygon (POLY) ETP - USDPOLY:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
WisdomTree Crypto Altcoins ETNWALTUSD:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
WisdomTree EthereumETHW:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Crypto Basket Eql Weight ETPHODLV:xswxxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Terra ETP (LUNA)LUNA:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Algorand (ALGO) ETP - EURALGOEUR:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeEUR
21Shares Avalanche ETPAVAXEUR:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeEUR
21Shares Crypto Basket Index ETPHODL-EUR:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeEUR
Coinshares Physical XRP ETPXRPL:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeEUR
21Shares Bitcoin ETPABTCEUR:xswxvSwiss SIX ExchangeEUR
WisdomTree BitcoinBTCWEUR:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeEUR
21Shares Avalanche ETPAVAXCHF:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeCHF
21Shares Polygon (POLY) ETP - CHFPOLYCHF:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeCHF
SEBA Bitcoin ETP (CHF - hedged)SBTCC:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeCHF
WisdomTree Crypto AltcoinsWALT:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeCHF
21Shares Ethereum CHF ETPAETHCHF:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeCHF
BetaPro Inverse Bitcoin CAD ETFBITI:xtseToronto Stock ExchangeCAD
Evolve Cryptocurrencies ETFETC:xtseToronto Stock ExchangeCAD
Ether ETFETHR:xtseToronto Stock ExchangeCAD
Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETFFBTC:xtseToronto Stock ExchangeCAD
Blockchain Technologies ETFHBLK:xtseToronto Stock ExchangeCAD
The Bitcoin FundQBTC:xtseToronto Stock ExchangeCAD
Purpose Ether ETFETHH_U:xtseToronto Stock ExchangeUSD
3iQ CoinShares Bitcoin ETFBTCQ:xtseToronto Stock ExchangeCAD
Bitcoin ETFEBIT_U:xtseToronto Stock ExchangeUSD
Bitcoin Tracker One XBT ETNBITCOIN_XBT:xomeNASDAQ OMX StockholmSEK
Bitwise Crypto Industry Innovators ETFBITQ:arcxNYSE_ARCAUSD
BTCetc Bitcoin Exchange Traded CryptoBTCE:xetrDeutsche Borse (XETRA)EUR
BTCetc Bitcoin Exchange Traded CryptoBTCE:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeCHF
CI Galaxy Bitcoin ETFBTCX.B:xtseToronto Stock ExchangeCAD
CI Galaxy Bitcoin ETFBTCX.U:xtseToronto Stock ExchangeUSD
CI Galaxy Ethereum CAD ETFETHX_B:xtseToronto Stock ExchangeCAD
CI Galaxy Ethereum USD ETFETHX_U:xtseToronto Stock ExchangeUSD
CoinShares Physical BitcoinBITC:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeCHF
ETC Issuance GmbHZETH:xetrFrankfurt Stock ExchangeEUR
21Shares Bitcoin ETP2BTC:xetrFrankfurt Stock ExchangeEUR
21Shares Short Bitcoin ETP2SBT:xetrFrankfurt Stock ExchangeEUR
WisdomTree Crypto AltcoinsALTC:xetrFrankfurt Stock ExchangeEUR
21Shares Solana ETPASOL:xetrFrankfurt Stock ExchangeEUR
21Shares Tezos ETPAXTZ:xetrFrankfurt Stock ExchangeEUR
Invesco Physical BitcoinBTIC:xetrFrankfurt Stock ExchangeEUR
CoinShares Physical LitecoinCLTC:xetrFrankfurt Stock ExchangeEUR
LTCetc - ETC Group Physical LitecoinELTC:xetrFrankfurt Stock ExchangeEUR
VanEck Polkadot ETNVDOT:xetrFrankfurt Stock ExchangeEUR
VanEck Solana ETNVS0L:xetrFrankfurt Stock ExchangeEUR
VanEck TRON ETNVTRX:xetrFrankfurt Stock ExchangeEUR
WisdomTree Crypto MarketWBLC:xetrFrankfurt Stock ExchangeEUR
21Shares Stellar Lumens ETPXLME:xetrFrankfurt Stock ExchangeEUR
Betashares Crypto Innovators ETFCRYP:xasxAustralia Stock ExchangeAUD
VanEck Bitcoin Strategy ETFXBTF:batsCboe BZX ExchnageUSD
Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy ETFBTF:xnasNASDAQUSD
ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETFBITO:arcxNYSE ArcaUSD
Viridi Cleaner Energy CYP-Mining & Semiconduct ETFRIGZ:arcxNYSE ArcaUSD
Grayscale Ethereum Classic Trust (ETC)ETCG:xnasOOTCUSD
Arcane Crypto ABARCANE:xomeNASDAQ OMX StockholmSEK
Ethereum Tracker One XBT ETNETHEREUM_XBT:xomeNASDAQ OMX StockholmSEK
Grayscale Bitcoin Fund (BTC)GBTC:xnasOOTCUSD
Grayscale Ethereum TrustETHE:xnasOOTCUSD
Ninepoint Bitcoin ETFBITC:xtseToronto Stock ExchangeCAD
Purpose Bitcoin CAD ETFBTCC_B:xtsxToronto Stock ExchangeCAD
Purpose Bitcoin USD ETFBTCC_U:xtseToronto Stock ExchangeUSD
The Bitcoin FundQBTC_U:xtseToronto Stock ExchangeUSD
The Ether Fund USDQETH_U:xtseToronto Stock ExchangeUSD
VanEck Vectors Bitcoin ETNVBTC:xetrDeutsche Borse (XETRA)EUR
VanEck Vectors Ethereum ETNVETH:xetrFrankfurt Stock ExchangeEUR
WisdomTree Bitcoin ETCWBIT:xetrDeutsche Borse (XETRA)USD
WisdomTree Bitcoin ETNBTCW:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
WisdomTree EthereumETHWEUR:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeEUR
WisdomTree Ethereum ETCWETH:xetrDeutsche Borse (XETRA)EUR
WisdomTree Crypto Mega Cap Equal Weight - ETNWMEG:xetrDeutsche Borse (XETRA)EUR
Invesco Elwood Global Blockchain UCITSBCHE:xswxSwiss SIX ExchangeUSD
21Shares Bitcoin Cash ETPABCH:xamsEuronext AmsterdamUSD
21Shares Ethereum ETPAETH:xamsEuronext AmsterdamUSD
21Shares Solana ETPASOL:xamsEuronext AmsterdamUSD
21Shares Stellar ETPAXLM:xamsEuronext AmsterdamUSD
21Shares Ripple XRP ETPAXRP:xamsEuronext AmsterdamUSD
BTCetc Bitcoin Exchange Traded CryptoBTCE:xamsEuronext AmsterdamUSD
21Shares Short Bitcoin ETPSBTC:xamsEuronext AmsterdamUSD
VanEck Bitcoin ETNVBTC:xamsEuronext AmsterdamEUR
VanEck Ethereum ETNVETH:xamsEuronext AmsterdamEUR
21Shares Bitcoin Cash ETPABCH:xparParis Stock ExchangeEUR
21Shares Bitcoin ETPABTC:xparParis Stock ExchangeEUR
21Shares Polkadot ETPADOT:xparParis Stock ExchangeEUR
21Shares Ethereum ETPAETH:xparParis Stock ExchangeEUR
21Shares Solana ETPASOL:xparParis Stock ExchangeEUR
21Shares Stellar ETPAXLM:xparParis Stock ExchangeEUR
21Shares Ripple XRP ETPAXRP:xparParis Stock ExchangeEUR
21Shares Tezos ETPAXTZ:xparParis Stock ExchangeEUR
21Shares Binance Coin ETCBNBA:xparParis Stock ExchangeEUR
Melanion BTC Equities Universe UCITS ETFBTC:xparParis Stock ExchangeEUR
21Shares Short Bitcoin ETPSBTC:xparParis Stock ExchangeEUR
VanEck Bitcoin ETNVBTC:xparParis Stock ExchangeEUR
VanEck Ethereum ETNVETH:xparParis Stock ExchangeEUR
WisdomTree Bitcoin ETCWBTC:xparParis Stock ExchangeEUR
WisdomTree EthereumWETH:xparParis Stock ExchangeEUR

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All trading carries risk. Losses can exceed deposits on margin products. You should consider whether you understand how our products work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. To help you understand the risks involved we have put together a general Risk Warning series of Key Information Documents (KIDs) highlighting the risks and rewards related to each product. The KIDs can be accessed within the trading platform. Please note that the full prospectus can be obtained free of charge from Saxo Bank (Switzerland) ltd. or the issuer.

This website can be accessed worldwide however the information on the website is related to Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. All clients will directly engage with Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. and all client agreements will be entered into with Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. and thus governed by Swiss Law.

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