Mutual Funds

A fund is a collective investment scheme where investors money is pooled together for investment by a professional fund manager. The manager invests into different asset types, such as equities, bonds, gilts, cash, etc. depending on the fund’s investment objective and sector designation.



Europe Equity Small, Mid & Large Cap
US Equity Mid Cap
US Equity Large Cap Growth
Emerging Markets Equity
Asia ex-Japan Equity
Brazil, Japan and India Equity


Europe Fixed Income
Emerging Markets Fixed Income
US Fixed Income
Global Fixed Income
Inflation linked


Natural Resources
Precious Metals
Real Estate

Since funds will hold a group of underlying securities, the true value of your investment lies in the way the individual securities perform over time. The value of each investment certificate is usually calculated at the end of each day and expressed as NAV.

Funds provide instant diversification as regardless of the fund’s overall sector designation of where the fund must invest, the underlying investments will generally be spread across a wide range of securities. This enables you as an investor to gain access to traditionally hard-to-reach securities and sectors, such as emerging markets and equities from small, closed markets.

Saxo provides access to fund manager’s such as AXA, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, PIMCO, Schroder and many more.


Zero commission
Zero custody fee
Zero commission
Zero custody fee

Saxo are able to offer these attractive terms as we are reimbursed by the fund manager’s by operating as a fund distributor and administrator for your account.

Trading information

Trade types: Buy based on cash amount and sell in units. 

Trades are usually carried out the next business day at the price of the underlying value of the assets as the time. Amount of days to settle can vary per fund, see trading conditions for concrete details.

Minimum order varies per fund, see individual fund’s trading conditions for more information.

Saxo Bank receives a rebate from the fund, the individual rebate can be viewed within trading conditions.

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