Trade Cryptocurrencies easily with Saxo

Trade Cryptocurrencies easily with Saxo

Gain exposure to leading Cryptocurrencies without the hassle of a crypto exchange account or crypto wallet.

The advantages of Crypto ETFs & Crypto ETNs

By investing in crypto ETFs or crypto ETNs, you can track the price movement of Bitcoin or Ethereum and other leading cryptocurrencies, without the need for a crypto wallet.


You can trade ETFs and ETNs in exactly the same way as stocks, and you won’t need to open a crypto exchange account.


The underlying coins are owned by the ETF or ETN providers, which use a Tier 1 custodian to hold the cryptocurrency.

Lower risk

Crypto markets can be extremely volatile, but as ETFs and ETNs aren’t traded on leverage, your losses are never amplified.

Smaller trades

One share of a bitcoin ETN offers exposure to 1/20th of a bitcoin; one share of an ethereum ETN is equivalent to 1/10th of an ether.

When you invest with us, please also be aware of potential counterparty risk. The ETFs we offer are listed by third-party providers.

Competitive and transparent prices

See our competitive fees upfront, so you can keep more of your returns without any surprises.

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Bitcoin Tracker EUR XBT Provider - ETNEUR0.10% (min. SEK 65)0.07% (min. SEK 50)0.05% (min. SEK 50)
Ethereum Tracker EUR XBT Provider - ETNEUR0.10% (min. SEK 65)0.07% (min. SEK 50)0.05% (min. SEK 50)
21Shares Ethereum ETPUSD0.10% (min. CHF 20)0.09% (min. CHF 20)0.08% (min. CHF 8)
21Shares Short Bitcoin ETPUSD0.10% (min. CHF 20)0.09% (min. CHF 20)0.08% (min. CHF 8)
21Shares Ripple XRP ETPUSD0.10% (min. CHF 20)0.09% (min. CHF 20)0.08% (min. CHF 8)
21Shares Crypto Basket Index ETPUSD0.10% (min. CHF 20)0.09% (min. CHF 20)0.08% (min. CHF 8)
21Shares Bitcoin ETPUSD0.10% (min. CHF 20)0.09% (min. CHF 20)0.08% (min. CHF 8)
21Shares Tezos ETPUSD0.10% (min. CHF 20)0.09% (min. CHF 20)0.08% (min. CHF 8)
21Shares Sygnum Platform Winners Index ETPUSD0.10% (min. CHF 20)0.09% (min. CHF 20)0.08% (min. CHF 8)
21Shares Solana ETPUSD0.10% (min. CHF 20)0.09% (min. CHF 20)0.08% (min. CHF 8)
21Shares Cardano ETPUSD0.10% (min. CHF 20)0.09% (min. CHF 20)0.08% (min. CHF 8)
21Shares Polkadot ETPUSD0.10% (min. CHF 20)0.09% (min. CHF 20)0.08% (min. CHF 8)

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Risk transparency

Cryptocurrencies have become known for their extreme fluctuations in prices. While there is potential for significant gains, please understand the risks before investing. Read our Risk Warning.

  • Security
    With crypto markets still largely unregulated, they can be prone to market manipulation. Hackers have also gained unauthorised access to digital wallets and crypto exchanges.
  • Liquidity
    Most Bitcoins are held by a small number of investors, and many platforms and exchanges trade on their own books. In a sales rush, liquidity issues could leave investors sidelined with rapidly falling prices.
  • Boom or burst
    The parabolic price increases of cryptocurrencies are largely driven by speculation rather than intrinsic value. The first crypto bubble burst spectacularly in 2018, suggesting history could repeat itself.
  • High volatility
    In 2017 Bitcoin’s value soared by more than 1,000%, before losing 80% of its value in early 2019. Since the start of 2019, it has climbed more than 800%*, spurred on by Facebook’s entry into the crypto space.

    Frequently asked questions

    Saxo offers access to crypto through exchange traded products which are purchased similar to a buy order for any other offered ETF.
    A crypto wallet is not required because you do not own the underlying coins when trading ETFs or ETNs This also means that there is no need for cold storage solutions or recovery seeds.
    Saxo does not allow funding or withdrawal in cryptocurrencies.
    You can find the full point catalogue for SaxoRewards here.
    The trading hours are linked to the exchange on which the ETN is listed. Many are listed on the Swiss exchange and will therefore be tradeable in Swiss exchange hours and not during the weekend.
    You can find the full terms and conditions in the trading section of each individual ETN within the platform. See the ETN list here.

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