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CFD Spreads And Commissions

Index-tracking CFD contract details (continuous)

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Asia / Pacific

Australia 200 indexAUD09:51 - 07:00(2)
Hong Kong indexHKD09:16 - 03:00(2)
Japan 225 indexJPY07:31 - 04:45(2)

North America

US Tech 100 NAS
1.000.700.501 indexUSD18:01 - 16:00
US 30 Wall Street
1.401.401.401 indexUSD18:01 - 16:00
US 500
0.400.400.401 indexUSD18:01 - 16:00


Belgium 20
13.0012.0012.001 indexEUR09:10 - 17:25
Denmark 20
2.501.250.751 indexDKK09:10 - 16:55
EU Stocks 50
1.501.501.501 indexEUR01:16 - 22:00
France 40 indexEUR08:01 - 22:00
Germany 30 indexEUR01:16 - 22:00
Germany Mid-Cap 50
15.0010.007.001 indexEUR09:10 - 17:25
Germany Tech 30
4.504.004.001 indexEUR09:10 - 17:25
Italy 40
12.00 *11.00 *11.00 *1 indexEUR09:01 - 17:30
Netherlands 25 indexEUR08:01 - 22:00
Norway 25
1.000.900.801 indexNOK09:10 - 16:20
Portugal 20
25.0020.0015.001 indexEUR08:10 - 16:25
South Africa 40 indexZAR08:31 - 17:30
Spain 35
8.006.504.001 indexEUR08:01 - 20:00
Sweden 30
0.650.550.451 indexSEK09:01 - 17:25
Switzerland 20
3.002.501.751 indexCHF08:01 - 22:00
UK 100
1.000.900.851 indexGBP01:01 - 21.00
UK Mid 250
44.0042.0040.001 indexGBP08:10 - 16.25

Index-tracking CFD contract details (expiring)

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0.500.400.401 indexUSD20:01 - 16:00
China 50
12.0011.0011.001 indexUSD09:01 - 01:55
India 50 indexUSD09:01 - 01:55
0.300.200.201 indexSGD08:31 - 01:55
0.400.300.301 indexUSD08:46 - 01:55

* Italy 40: Italian derivatives are subject to Italian Financial Transaction Tax (Stamp duty) which is applied for both buys and sells. Click here for more information about the Italian Financial Transaction Tax (IFTT). Also, an additional charge of 2 bps. (0.02%) of the trade amount is applied, to cover Saxo Bank’s increased cost of execution and hedging due to IFTT.

(1) Spreads: the spreads indicated are minimum spreads and depend on the spread of the underlying futures contract. If the underlying future trades at a spread that is larger than the minimum spread, the Index spread will be increased with the additional spread from the future. Example: Germany 30 normal spread is 1.5 index points if the future spread is 0.5 indicating normal conditions. If the liquidity is low in the future and the spread is 1, the Index spread will be 1.5 + (1 - 0.5) = 2.

(2) Trading hours are stated in the local hours of the underlying exchange - please note that the Hong Kong Index trading session has a mid-session break between 11:59-12:59 and an evening break between 16:25-17:16, the trading session in Japan 225 has a break between 14:20 and 14:56 and the Australia 200 there is a break between 14:30 and 15:11. For CHINA50 there is a mid-session break between 15:55 and 16:41. For INDIA50 there is a mid-session break between 18:05 and 19:16.For SINGAPORE there is a mid-session break between 17:10 and 18:16. For TAIWAN there is a mid-session break between 13:45 and 14:36.

Single Stock and ETF CFD Commissions

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Exchange nameSymbolCommission ClassicCommission PlatinumCommission VIP

North America

NASDAQ & NSC0.10% (min. 10 USD)0.07% (min. 7 USD)0.05% (min. 3 USD)
New York Stock Exchange
NYSE & ARCA0.10% (min. 10 USD)0.07% (min. 7 USD)0.05% (min. 3 USD)
AMEX0.10% (min. 10 USD)0.07% (min. 7 USD)0.05% (min. 3 USD)
Toronto Stock Exchange
TSE0.03 CAD/share (min. 20 CAD)0.02 CAD /share (min. 15 CAD)0.015 CAD /share (mi.n 10 CAD)


Athens Exchange
AT0.30% (min. 12 EUR)0.25% (min. 10 EUR)0.25% (min. 10 EUR)
BME Spanish Exchanges
SIBE0.10% (min. 12 EUR)0.08% (min. 10 EUR)0.06% (min. 10 EUR)
Budapest Stock Exchange
BUX0.50% (min. 6,000 HUF)0.40% (min. 5,000 HUF)0.30% (min. 5,000 HUF)
Deutsche Börse (XETRA)
FSE0.10% (min. 10 EUR)0.07% (min. 8 EUR)0.05% (min. 6 EUR)
Irish Stock Exchange
ISE0.10% (min. 12 EUR)0.08% (min. 10 EUR)0.06% (min. 10 EUR)
Johannesburg Stock Exchange
JSE0.25% (min. 100 ZAR)0.20% (min. 80 ZAR)0.15% (min. 80 ZAR)
London Stock Exchange
LSE_SETS0.10% (min. 8 GBP)0.07% (min. 7 GBP)0.05% (min. 5 GBP)
London Stock Exchange (IOB)
LSE_INTL0.10% (min. 20 USD)0.08% (min. 15 USD)0.06% (min. 12 USD)
Milan Stock Exchange *
MIL0.17% (min. 12 EUR)0.15% (min. 10 EUR)0.13% (min. 8 EUR)
NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen
CSE0.10% (min. 65 DKK)0.07% (min. 50 DKK)0.05% (min. 50 DKK)
HSE0.10% (min. 12 EUR)0.07% (min. 10 EUR)0.05% (min. 8 EUR)
NASDAQ OMX Stockholm
SSE0.10% (min. 65 SEK)0.07% (min. 50 SEK)0.05% (min. 50 SEK)
NYSE Euronext Amsterdam (AEX)
AMS0.10% (min. 12 EUR)0.08% (min. 10 EUR)0.06% (min. 8 EUR)
NYSE Euronext Brussels
BRU0.10% (min. 12 EUR)0.08% (min. 10 EUR)0.06% (min. 8 EUR)
NYSE Euronext Lisbon
LISB0.10% (min. 12 EUR)0.08% (min. 10 EUR)0.06% (min. 8 EUR)
NYSE Euronext Paris
PAR0.10% (min. 10 EUR)0.07% (min. 8 EUR)0.05% (min. 6 EUR)
Oslo Stock Exchange
OSE0.10% (min. 65 NOK)0.08% (min. 50 NOK)0.06% (min. 50 NOK)
Prague Stock Exchange
PRA0.28% (min. 500 CZK)0.25% (min. 350 CZK)0.25% (min. 350 CZK)
SIX Swiss Exchange
SWX & VX0.10% (min. 12 CHF)0.07% (min. 10 CHF)0.05% (min. 8 CHF)
Vienna Stock Exchange
VIE0.10% (min. 12 EUR)0.08% (min. 10 EUR)0.07% (min. 8 EUR)
Warsaw Stock Exchange
WSE0.30% (min. 75 PLN)0.25% (min. 65 PLN)0.20% (min. 65 PLN)

Asia / Pacific

Australian Securities Exchange
ASX0.10% (min. 6 AUD)0.07% (min. 6 AUD)0.05% (min. 6 AUD)
Hong Kong Exchanges *
HKEX0.25% (min. 100 HKD)0.22% (min. 80 HKD)0.20% (min. 60 HKD)
Singapore Exchange *
SGX-ST0.20% (min. 25 SGD)0.16% (min. 20 SGD)0.14% (min. 15 SGD)
Tokyo Stock Exchange
TYO0.15%(min. 1,500 JPY)0.12% (min. 1,000 JPY)0.10% (min. 1,000 JPY)

* Rates include 'DMA surcharges' to cover transaction tax, stamp duty, exchange and regulatory fees etc. associated with carrying out a CFD Direct Market Access transaction.

Commodity CFD spreads

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Instrument NameSymbolSpread Minimum ClassicSpread Minimum PlatinumSpread Minimum VIPMin. trade sizeTrading hours(1)Expiry date


GoldGOLD0.600.550.50118:01-17:00FND -2
SilverSILVER3.503.002.502518:01-17:00FND -2
PlatinumPLATINUM1.701.401.10118:02-17:00FND -2
PalladiumPALLADIUM1.751.451.05118:01-17:00FND -2
US CopperCOPPERUS0.550.500.4550018:01-17:00FND -2


US CrudeOILUS0.050.050.032518:01-17:00LTD -2
UK CrudeOILUK0.050.050.032501:01-22:55(2)LTD
Heating OilHEATINGOIL0.350.300.2550018:01-17:00LTD -2
Gasoline USGASOLINEUS0.250.200.1750018:01 – 17:00LTD -2
Gas OilGASOILUK1.251.000.75101:01 – 21:55LTD -2
US Natural GasNATGASUS0.0170.0140.01120018:01 – 17:00LTD -2
CO2 EmissionsEMISSIONS0.070.060.052507:01 – 17:00LTD -2


CornCORN1.251.000.7520019:01 – 13:20FND -2
WheatWHEAT2.252.001.7520019:01 – 13:20FND -2
SoybeansSOYBEANS1.751.501.2520019:01 – 13:20FND -2


NY Sugar No. 11SUGARNY0.050.050.035,00003:31 – 13:00LTD -2
NY CoffeeCOFFEENY0.450.400.351,00004:16 – 13:30FND -2
NY CocoaCOCOANY9.007.005.00104:46 – 13:30FND -2
Live CattleLIVECATTLE0.1750.1500.1252,00008:31 – 13:05LTD -2
FND= First Notice
LTD= Last trading

(1) Trading hours are stated in the local hours of the underlying exchange
(2) Trading hours Fridays are 01:01 to 22:00

Forex CFD (expiring) spreads

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Instrument NameSymbolSpread Mark up
Spread Mark up
Spread Mark up
Min. trade sizeTrading hours(1)ExpiryExpiry Time
USD IndexUSDINDEX0.010000.009000.0080010020:00-17:00LTD -211:00 EST
Euro / US DollarEURUSDEC0.0002000.000190.000185,00017:00-16:00FND -310:00 CST
Euro / Japanese YenEURJPYRY0.030000.020000.020005,00017:00-16:00FND -310:00 CST
Euro / Swiss FrancEURCHFRF0.000200.000200.000205,00017:00-16:00FND -310:00 CST
Euro / British PoundEURGBPRP0.000250.000200.000205,00017:00-16:00FND -310:00 CST
British Pound / US DollarGBPUSDBP0.000300.000250.000255,00017:00-6:00FND -310:00 CST
Australian Dollar / US DollarAUDUSDAD0.000300.000200.000205,00017:00-16:00FND -310:00 CST
FND= First Notice; LTD = Last trading

(1) Trading hours are stated in the local hours of the underlying exchange

Bond CFD spreads

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Instrument NameSymbolSpread Minimum ClassicSpread Minimum PlatinumSpread Minimum VIPMin. trade sizeTrading hours
German Government
10 year Bund
BUND0.0300.0250.02050 CFDs01:16-22:00
German Government
5 year Bobl
BOBL0.0300.0250.02050 CFDs01:16-22:00
German Government
2 year Schatz
SCHATZ0.0150.0100.01050 CFDs01:16-22:00
Italian Government
10 year BTP
10YBTP0.0500.0400.03050 CFDs08:01-18:55
French Government
10 year OAT
10YOAT0.0500.0400.03050 CFDs08:01-18:55

Option CFD pricing

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Option RootDescriptionContract SizeDaily Holding FeeCurrency
AEXAEX Index1 Index1.10EUR
DJXDow Jones Industrial Average Index1/100 Index1.10USD
ESXFTSE 100 Index1 Index1.10GBP
HSIHang Seng Index1 Index1.10HKD
MIBOFTSE MIB Index1 Index1.10EUR
NDXNasdaq 100 Index1 Index1.10USD
NKYNikkei 225 (Osaka)1 Index1.10JPY
OBXOBX Index1 Index1.10NOK
ODAXDAX Index1 Index1.10EUR
OESXEuro Stoxx 50 Index1 Index1.10EUR
OMXSWE30OMX Stockholm 30 Index1 Index1.10SEK
OSMISMI Index1 Index1.10CHF
PXACAC 40 Index1 Index1.10EUR
SPXS&P 500 Index1 Index1.10USD
XJOS&P ASX200 Index1 Index1.10AUD

Holding fees on long option positions (all maturities) will be applied when positions are held overnight. The daily holding fee is 1.10 per million (notional value) in the contract’s trading currency. Holding fee per day = nominal value / 1,000,000 * 1.10.

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