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Exchange nameSymbolCommission ClassicCommission PlatinumCommission VIP

North America

NASDAQ & NSC0.02 USD/share (min 10 USD)0.015 USD/share (min. 7 USD)0.01 USD/share (min. 3 USD)
New York Stock Exchange
NYSE & ARCA0.02 USD/share (min 10 USD)0.015 USD/share (min. 7 USD)0.01 USD/share (min. 3 USD)
AMEX0.02 USD/share (min 10 USD)0.015 USD/share (min. 7 USD)0.01 USD/share (min. 3 USD)
Toronto Stock Exchange
TSE0.03 CAD/share (min. 20 CAD)0.02 CAD /share (min. 15 CAD)0.015 CAD /share (min. 10 CAD)

Europe / Middle East / Africa

Athens Exchange
AT0.35% (min. 12 EUR)0.30% (min. 12 EUR)0.30% (min. 12 EUR)
BME Spanish Exchanges
SIBE0.10% (min. 12 EUR)0.08% (min. 10 EUR)0.06% (min. 10 EUR)
Budapest Stock Exchange
BUX0.50% (min. 6,000 HUF)0.40% (min. 5,000 HUF)0.30% (min. 5,000 HUF)
Deutsche Börse (XETRA)
FSE0.10% (min. 10 EUR)0.07% (min. 8 EUR)0.05% (min. 6 EUR)
Irish Stock Exchange
ISE0.10% (min. 12 EUR)0.08% (min. 10 EUR)0.06% (min. 10 EUR)
Johannesburg Stock Exchange
JSE0.25% (min. 100 ZAR)0.20% (min. 80 ZAR)0.15% (min. 80 ZAR)
London Stock Exchange
LSE_SETS0.10% (min. 8 GBP)0.07% (min. 7 GBP)0.05% (min. 5 GBP)
London Stock Exchange (IOB)
LSE_INTL0.10% (min. 20 USD)0.08% (min. 15 USD)0.06% (min. 12 USD)
Milan Stock Exchange
MIL0.17% (min. 12 EUR)0.15% (min. 10 EUR)0.13% (min. 8 EUR)
NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen
CSE0.10% (min. 65 DKK)0.07% (min. 50 DKK)0.05% (min. 50 DKK)
HSE0.10% (min. 12 EUR)0.07% (min. 10 EUR)0.05% (min. 8 EUR)
NASDAQ OMX Stockholm
SSE0.10% (min. 65 SEK)0.07% (min. 50 SEK)0.05% (min. 50 SEK)
NYSE Euronext Amsterdam (AEX)
AMS0.10% (min. 12 EUR)0.08% (min. 10 EUR)0.06% (min. 8 EUR)
NYSE Euronext Brussels
BRU0.10% (min. 12 EUR)0.08% (min. 10 EUR)0.06% (min. 8 EUR)
NYSE Euronext Lisbon
LISB0.10% (min. 12 EUR)0.08% (min. 10 EUR)0.06% (min. 8 EUR)
NYSE Euronext Paris
PAR0.10% (min. 10 EUR)0.07% (min. 8 EUR)0.05% (min. 6 EUR)
Oslo Stock Exchange
OSE0.10% (min. 65 NOK)0.08% (min. 50 NOK)0.06% (min. 50 NOK)
Prague Stock Exchange
PRA0.28% (min. 500 CZK)0.25% (min. 350 CZK)0.25% (min. 350 CZK)
SIX Swiss Exchange
SWX & VX0.10% (min. 18 CHF)0.08% (min. 15 CHF)0.06% (min. 10 CHF)
Vienna Stock Exchange
VIE0.10% (min. 12 EUR)0.08% (min. 10 EUR)0.07% (min. 8 EUR)
Warsaw Stock Exchange
WSE0.30% (min. 75 PLN)0.25% (min. 65 PLN)0.20% (min. 65 PLN)

Asia / Pacific

Australian Securities Exchange
ASX0.10% (min. 8 AUD)0.07% (min. 8 AUD)0.05% (min. 8 AUD)
Hong Kong Exchange
HKEX0.25% (min. 100 HKD)0.22% (min. 80 HKD)0.20% (min. 60 HKD)
Hong Kong Stock Connect (Shanghai/Shenzen product)
HKEX0.15% (min. 40 CNH)0.10% (min. 30 CNH)0.08% (min. 20 CNH)
Singapore Exchange
SGX-ST0.20% (min. 25 SGD)0.16% (min. 20 SGD)0.14% (min. 15 SGD)
Tokyo Stock Exchange
TYO0.15% (min. 1,500 JPY)0.12% (min. 1,000 JPY)0.10% (min. 1,000 JPY)

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