Trade with Saxo and never look back

Trade with Saxo and never look back

Saxo is no ordinary trading platform.
Here's how we create tangible value for you:

Pricing and conditions that surpass your expectations - and market competition.

A one-stop-shop platform to get all of your trading done in one place.

Professional-grade interface with integrated in-house and third-party tools.

Daily market intelligence and expert insights to support your trading decisions.

Trade with Saxo and never look back.

Our ultra-competitive pricing

Spreads and commissions vary depending on account tier (Classic - Platinum - VIP) and trading instrument.

  • Stocks & ETFs
    Commissions as low as

    1 USD







  • Bonds
    Commissions as low as






    (min. 20 EUR)
  • Futures
    Commissions as low as

    1 USD


    2 USD


    3 USD

    per contract
  • Listed options
    Commissions as low as

    0.75 USD


    1 USD


    2 USD

    per contract
  • FX
    Spreads from

    1.6 Pips

  • FX options
    Spreads from

    3 Pips

    (from 3 USD min.)
  • CFDs
    Spreads from


    on Stocks and Indices
  • Custody fee

    10 CHF

    per month on Stocks & ETFs (max. 120 CHF p.a.)
    No custody fee for Bonds

What sets us apart

  • Our ultra-competitive pricing

    Our pricing is recognized as among the best across asset classes in Switzerland.

  • Our extensive range of asset classes

    We offer over 71’000+ investment products across 125 global exchanges, from gold to Turkish Lira, ETN, ETFs, Futures, CFDs, crypto, and everything in between.

  • Our interest rates

    We pay interest on deposits in CHF, EUR, USD, GBP and many more currencies, with no holding period. Use our interest rate calculator below to find out how much you can earn on your uninvested cash.

  • Our Swiss identity

    • We are a fully licensed, FINMA-regulated Swiss bank
    • Our offices are located in Zurich
    • Our local experts and dedicated VIP Relationship Managers are based in Zurich
    • We offer client service in all national languages

  • Our browser-based platform

    Find the same user interface and powerful technology every time you access our platform, whether it's through a browser or our SaxoTraderGo app - no need to download and configure software on your computer. If you prefer a multi-screen set-up, our bespoke SaxoTraderPro software will suit your every need.

What you get on top of that:

  • Saxo Bank Switzerland holds a full Swiss banking license and is regulated by FINMA
  • Our services are used by some of the world’s largest banks, financial advisors and fin-techs
  • Our clients' cash is insured up to 100'000 CHF
  • We don't bet against our clients and don't run a B-book
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  • No minimum funding required
  • Custody fees are only charged for shares and ETFs and are capped at CHF 10 per month
  • No inactivity fee
  • Fast, safe deposits and withdrawals
  • Highly reliable technology: uptime taget of 99.75% - actual average uptime of 99.77% in 2023
  • Constant access and synchronized settings across all devices
Full integration of specialist third-party tools:
  • OpenAPI for Excel
  • Autochartist
  • TradingView
  • MultiCharts
Third party tools
  • Market intelligence and expert analyses from our strategy team (SaxoStrats) provided daily on the platform
  • Education hub to grow your market and trading knowledge incorporated into the platform
Earn points with the SaxoRewards loyalty programme and make it to the next account tier for even better pricing and service.

Discover the SaxoRewards programme
  • Fully customizable interface, personalized watchlists and technical analysis tools
  • Mobile trading available via browser and SaxoTraderGO app
  • Same smooth look & feel on laptop, phone and tablet
  • Platform available in several languages

    Get even more bang for your buck

    • increase_portfolio_icon

      Increase the size of your portfolio

      Refund your account or transfer in securities to collect SaxoRewards points and upgrade to next account tier.

    • trade_actively_icon

      Trade actively

      The more actively you trade, the more SaxoRewards points you earn. Your points allow you to upgrade to the next account tier and to enjoy the tighter spreads and lower commissions that come with moving to a Platinum or VIP account.

    • refer_a_frd_icon

      Refer a friend

      Earn CHF 100 in commission credits for both you and any contact you refer to us as part of our Referral Program.

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