SaxoSelect Trading Strategies

SaxoSelect Trading Strategies is an elite service that lets you follow the strategies of experienced investors exclusively selected by Saxo Bank.

Buying this service means buying into the experience and expertise of carefully selected strategy managers. The available strategies cover a wide range of investment opportunities reaching from a pure equities or commodities focus to technical analysis and pattern based trading strategies that seek to benefit from short term price movements.    

*This service is currently only available for clients under Saxo Bank A/S and is reserved for investors with a high risk profile.

Global StockPicker

Managed by Saxo Bank’s own experienced portfolio managers using in-depth fundamental analysis, the Global StockPicker is a long-only strategy of 20 to 25 stocks, leveraged up to 3 times using CFDs to modulate exposure depending on market conditions. 


Benefit from the knowledge of experienced investors and gain exposure to different asset classes and investment styles to diversify your overall portfolio.


Start or stop investing at your discretion. Thanks to our Investment Shield you can also protect the value of each of your SaxoSelect investments.

A Trading Strategy is an investment solution for those who are looking for speculative investments but lack the expertise or the time to implement and manage such investments themselves.

SaxoSelect Trading Strategies: Invest with the confidence of an expert

Saxo Bank has pre-selected a small number of Trading Strategies ran by strategy managers – whom we call Strategy Providers - and designed a fully automated solution for you to invest alongside your chosen strategy (or strategies) and keep you in control in a fully transparent way.