SaxoSelect Balanced Portfolios

SaxoSelect Balanced Portfolios are a great choice for long-term investors who are looking for an alternative to do-it-yourself investing.

Our Balanced Portfolios give you easy access to professional and  intelligent portfolio management starting at EUR 10,000. Simply choose from three risk profiles and invest in a diversified, multi-asset-class portfolio managed by Saxo and built with iShares ETFs and with BlackRock’s investment research.

*Now available in the following countries:
Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands and Italy

Partnering with BlackRock

Select the portfolio that is right for you

The technology and asset management expertise of Saxo and the data, tools and acumen of BlackRock make professional portfolio investing available from EUR 10,000.

Gain access to an actively managed, broadly diversified, multi-asset-class solution at a clean, competitive price. Driven by the same methodologies and insights that manage some of the world's biggest portfolios. With regular rebalancing, active weighting on both the portfolio and asset-class levels, and professional risk control.

Defensive Portfolio

A cautious investment profile for those with a more conservative tolerance for risk of loss of capital and market fluctuations while seeking some long-term growth. This is achieved through a relatively lower exposure to stock markets and non-traditional investments with a relatively higher exposure to bonds.

Moderate Portfolio

A balanced investment profile for those with a more moderate tolerance for risk of loss of capital and market fluctuations while seeking more growth potential for their portfolio over the long term. This is achieved through an exposure to stock markets and non-traditional investments that is usually somewhat higher than the exposure to bonds.

Aggressive Portfolio

A more adventurous investment profile for those with a high tolerance for risk of loss of capital and market fluctuations while seeking the opportunity for greater growth in their portfolio over the long term. The exposure to stock markets and alternative investments generally makes the bulk of the portfolio.

What are Balanced Portfolios?

The benefits of Balanced Portfolios

Professional Investing

Your assets will be invested and managed on a professional level. Automatic rebalancing, stringent risk control and active allocation leveraging the expertise from two premium financial institutions: Saxo and BlackRock.

Simple Access

Made possible by Saxo technology: a process of a few simple steps and a minimum EUR 10,000 allows you to gain access to the investment approach used by some of the largest fund managers and pension funds worldwide.

Transparent Control

Easily enter or exit an investment at your own convenience. iShares ETFs are completely transparent, meaning you know your exact exposures.

Transparent Pricing

You benefit from a clean price so you do not have to worry about hidden charges that so often affect investment returns. Saxo charges one single fee of *0.9% per year, inclusive of VAT, with no trading commissions or custody fees. 

*The manager of the ETFs also charges a fee for managing the fund’s assets. This fee is called an Expense Ratio and is already deducted from the value of the assets held by the fund, so the price of the ETF is net of the Expense Ratio. The Service Fee is calculated on the closing value of your Balanced Portfolio at the end of each day and is due at the end of each quarter. Please note, that if you choose a Balanced Portfolio that is denominated in a different currency than that of your funding account you will incur a currency conversion fee (0.5% of the invested amount per conversion).

A Strong Partner - Proven Performance

By combining our leadership in trading technology with BlackRock’s investment tools, we are shaping the future of how people invest. 
As the world’s largest asset manager, with $5.1 trillion in assets under management, BlackRock is entrusted to invest on behalf of large institutions and individual investors alike.

Building a smart portfolio – from insight to investment.

Investment views

Research and analysis breaks economic news and market developments down to investment views. Long-term trends, strategic thinking and tactical changes inform decisions and the composition of the portfolio.

The broadly diversified portfolios are adjusted both on the asset allocation level – for example by giving preference to equity over fixed income – and within asset classes – by overweighting European equity versus Asian, or the energy sector versus consumer staples. Saxo manages the portfolios, using the tools, data and expertise provided by BlackRock.

Client input

You decide which profile fits your needs. Choose from a more cautious approach with a high fixed income allocation, an intermediate profile, or an aggressive equity-heavy portfolio. Both expected return and volatility increase as you include more equity and the right choice depends on your investment goals and your willingness – and capacity – to take risk.

Actual components

The portfolio is built with iShares from BlackRock. These ETFs are diversified, transparent, liquid and low-cost. They represent a smart and efficient way to build a balanced portfolio designed to grow your wealth.

Monitoring and managing

The portfolios are constantly monitored for deviations from the reigning view and risk targets. As markets move, so do the relative weightings and rebalancing is automatic. As our views change, we actively implement them in the portfolios with the goal of allowing you to take full advantage of market developments.