Technical analysis made simple.

Saxo Capital Markets has teamed up with Autochartist to let you find and evaluate trading opportunities based on automated trade signals - at no extra cost - across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Simplify your market analysis with Trade Signals

Let technology identify your next trade opportunity

Choose between trade signals based on their success probability and pattern quality

Go from analysis to trade at the click of a button

Manage your risk with auto-calculated take-profit and stop-loss levels

Experience the benefits of Trade Signals for yourself with a 20-day demo trial of our trading platform – SaxoTraderGO.

Available across multiple asset classes


Detecting a wide range of signals

Ideal for all types of traders, Trade Signals identifies both emerging and completed Support & Resistance, Chart and Fibonacci patterns across hundreds of instruments. Use it for trade inspiration or simply to supplement your own trade ideas and analysis. Trade Signals by Autochartist also helps you identify key levels for stop losses and take profits, giving you a potential entry or exit strategy.

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