Change the
way you trade

At Saxo Capital Markets, our mission is to facilitate multi-asset trading and investment to individuals and businesses by providing access to over 30,000 global financial markets, cutting-edge technology and industry-leading expertise.

A platform for everyone

Our award-winning trading and investment platforms give you the tools of the pros, whether you are a long-term investor or actively trading global markets.

All platforms

Cross device capability

Desktop, tablet or smartphone, move seamlessly between devices, always keeping your account information and trades up-to-date.

Trade when it suits you

Trade live from your individual watchlist, from the trade ticket, or straight from the chart.

Intuitive usability

Find your trading ideas with our flexible charting and data systems – and trade straight from the chart.

Be inspired

See what others are trading and get a fresh perspective on the markets – or train yourself for new markets in the Saxo Academy.

Global market access from one account

Saxo Capital Markets provides one of the most comprehensive offerings of any online broker. With over 30,000 assets to choose between and our global office network, you have the world's trading opportunities at your fingertips. All accessible cross-device and from a single account.

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