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Why choose Saxo Bank?

Why choose Saxo Bank?

As a Copenhagen-based Danish bank, Saxo Bank offers geographical diversification for your assets. With a Saxo account, you get access to a state-of-the-art platform with all your trading-related needs, including more than 60,000 investment products from all over the world, high interest rates on deposits and illuminating content prepared by our international Strats team.


Geographical diversification

By placing some of your asset in a foreign bank, you diversify your geographical footprint. Assets held in your local bank are secured by the local guarantee fund (for EU countries), covering up to EUR 100,000. Assets deposited in Saxo Bank are secured by the Danish guarantee fund, adding an additional layer of protection to your assets.
An investment account with Saxo Bank is one of the few options for holding funds abroad in a bank. Opening a regular bank account with a foreign bank usually requires you to be a resident of that country Saxo Bank (a Copenhagen-based Danish bank) allows you to open an account remotely from all EU countries and most CEE countries. Denmark and the Scandinavian countries have long been renowned for their stability, which is crucial to making the right choice for keeping your capital safe.
We do not offer ordinary bank accounts or ATM cards, but you will have access to your funds at Saxo Bank from most of the world. Your Saxo account allows you to deposit and withdraw money from any bank account registered in your name.  When you deposit money from an external bank account, it will be automatically linked to your Saxo Bank account for seamless access to your capital when you need it.
Account linking also makes your funds even safer, as your money can only be withdrawn to a pre-registered account. While this cannot eliminate all the risks out there, you can rest assured that your money cannot be sent to any other accounts, spent online or paid out in an ATM. We also offer two-factor authentication, so you can increase security even more.
Funds at Saxo Bank can be invested in 60,000 financial products from all over the world, including shares, funds, ETFs or bonds, and you can even set up free currency sub-accounts for improved diversification. Importantly, free deposits that are waiting for investment opportunities can earn high interest. Read more about the terms and conditions in the FAQ section below. 

Lower commissions and minimum fees

We’ve decided to lower most of our commissions and minimum fees to help you get the most out of your investment. Whether you want to invest your money in low-risk assets or you’re looking to take advantage of short-term price developments, Saxo Bank is here to support your investment strategy. Check the most important changes in the table below.

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Old pricingNew pricing
Valid from 11/10/2022
Retail banks in CEE
(based on a sample of banks available for clients in CEE)
Stocks / ETFs*
*ETFs listed on US exchanges are available only for professional clients. ETFs available in EU countries
U.S. exchangesClassic
0.020 USD/share, min. $7

0.015 USD/share, min. $5

0.010 USD/share, min. $1
0.020 USD/share, min. $5

0.015 USD/share, min. $4

No changes
0.10% - 0.90%,
min. $7.95 - $20
Most other exchangesVaries across exchanges, up to €21 min. feeMin. €6 Classic
Min. €5 Platinum
Min. €3 VIP
min. €7 - €60
CFD single stockU.S. exchangesClassic
0.020 USD/share, min. $7

0.015 USD/share, min. $5

0.010 USD/share, min. $1
0.020 USD/share, min. $4

0.015 USD/share, min. $3

No changes
up to $20 min.
Other exchangesVaries across exchanges, up to €8Min. €4 Classic
Min. €3 Platinum
Min. €1 VIP
0.10% - 0.30%,
up to €18 min.
FXFX SpotMin. ticket fee: $3*Min. ticket fee: $1*Usually not offered
FX OptionsMin. ticket fee: $10*Min. ticket fee: $1*Usually not offered
Lower spreads on FX and CFD indicies - examples (indicative minimum spreads) EURUSDClassic
1.2 pips

0.9 pips

0.8 pips
0.9 pips

0.8 pips

0.7 pips
Usually not offered
US 500Classic
0.9 pips

0.7 pips

0.5 pips
0.7 pips

0.5 pips

0.4 pips
Usually not offered

*Applicable only for small trade sizes (usually less than 50,000 of the base currency).
The above-mentioned table is a selective overview of the changes. For a full pricing overview, please refer to our rates and conditions page.

Examples - cost comparison for transactions on US exchanges

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Number of sharesOrder value
As of 20/9/2022
Commission at Saxo BankCommission at CEE retail banks*
Tesla Inc.
3$908Classic: $5
Platinum: $4
VIP: $1
$4 - $61
Apple Inc.
20$3,080Classic: $5
Platinum: $4
VIP: $1
$8 - $61
500$145,200Classic: $10
Platinum: $7.5
VIP: $5
$10 - $726

*Based on a sample of the largest banks available to clients in CEE region

Frequently asked questions

Opening and maintaining an account with Saxo Bank is free of charge if at least one transaction is made every 180 days for a funded account. 
Accounts with cash but no transactions for 180 days will be charged an inactivity fee of USD 100 or the equivalent amount in the currency of the account. 

The required minimum deposit is EUR 10,000 or the equivalent in another currency.
Setting up an investment account usually takes around 5 minutes, and the whole process can be done remotely. 

However, please note that Saxo Bank is a licensed Danish bank and your money will enter the Danish banking system. Therefore, the account opening process can sometimes take up to several days—especially if you wish to invest larger amounts—and may require you to send documents confirming the source of your capital. 

Security and full compliance with regulatory requirements are very important to Saxo Bank. This compliance allows us to provide access to 60,000 investment products from around the world so that you can geographically diversify your capital through the Danish bank.
Yes, you can have subscriptions for real-time prices from many of the world's stock exchanges.

The cost of a monthly subscription for US exchanges is USD 7 per exchange for private clients.
For clients who trade equities and subscribe to real-time market data, fees are refunded per exchange if the client trades a minimum of four times across stocks, ETFs or CFDs on the exchange during each calendar month.

For more information, view the full list of exchanges and prices.

Yes, unlike the investment account offerings at most banks, deposits at Saxo Bank earn interest and you can have a few free currency subaccounts to keep money in different currencies.

Current Interest rates, thresholds and our markdowns for individual currencies can be found below.

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Net Free Equity above USD (or equivalent)0050,000
Markdown to prevailing Saxo bid interest rate*-1%-2%-3%

*Benchmark rates for Saxo bid interest rate
**As of 20 September 2022

Interest will be paid on the full amount if the Net Free Equity is above the threshold. Please note, we don’t apply an upper limit.
More information can be found on our website under Interest on deposits.

No. Saxo Bank is an institution that only offers investment accounts. The banking license we hold gives you the assurance that we meet all the strict requirements for Danish banks and that your deposits are protected by the Danish Guarantee Fund—FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme).
We do not offer savings accounts or payment cards. We also do not use your deposits for loans and credits.  

The security of your data and funds is our highest priority

  • Licensed and regulated institution
    We are a fully supervised and licensed bank, subject to strict regulation in 15 jurisdictions, including Denmark, the UK and Singapore. 
  • Fund protection
    In the event that a Danish bank (including Saxo Bank) should suspend its payments or go into bankruptcy, clients are guaranteed up to EUR 100,000 for cash deposits by the Danish Guarantee Fund—FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme).
What is Saxo Bank?

We are a global investment bank with a Danish banking license and 16 offices around the world.

Innovative technology

Saxo Bank is more than 2,500 employees from 70 countries who work every day for our retail clients, but also on the institutional offering we provide for more than 200 banks and brokers and more than 400 financial intermediaries worldwide.

Join 850,000 clients

For 30 years, the certainty of investing through a licensed bank has been a key aspect of what we offer to more than 850,000 clients from 180 countries, who have entrusted us with more than USD 85 billion.

Local presence

We serve clients from CEE through our Prague office in the Czech Republic. If you would like to speak to our advisor or VIP account manager before opening an account, you can book a meeting with us at our office in the center of Prague.

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