Is your broker really on your side?

Some brokers systematically profit from your losses and offer you irresponsibly high leverage. Your loss is their  gain. Is such a broker really on your side? Saxo is different – we are on your side. When you succeed, we succeed!

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Saxo is different – we are on your side

Saxo is at the forefront of industry reform and our business success is not dependent on our clients’ losses. We are on your side as we primarily facilitate market access with prudent leverage. Our main goal is to help you succeed - because when you succeed, we succeed.

With Saxo you get:

Fewer premature stop-outs

Responsible risk protection

Potential price improvements on every trade*

Access to 35,000+ products and 36 exchanges

Actionable trading insights

Our proven commitment to higher industry standards

* applies to Forex spot and forwards. See our Order Fill Statistics

Our quality execution makes the difference

Saxo believes in a win-win situation where both client and broker can be successful. When you succeed, we succeed. Our quality execution helps you to stay in the market longer, safer and more profitably.

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You can trade the world from one account

Saxo offers you one of the largest product offerings in the industry: over 35,000 products and access to 36 exchanges worldwide. This allows you to tap into more opportunities and diversify your risk across asset-classes, geographies, and sectors.

Access more tradable products

FX - CFDs - Futures - Options - Equities - Bonds
Source: Comparable product offering as per public website of leading UK brokers (correct at June 20th, 2017)

We are committed to higher industry standards

Saxo Group is one of the first global institutions to sign and act in accordance with the new FX Global Code of Conduct, a commitment to stricter customer protection and transparency in the FX market.
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Saxo Group has stepped-out of the UK CFD & FX Association as we embrace the new regulation on customer protection and responsible trading.
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Saxo Group fully disclosed its dealing practices and client performance in order to demonstrate our commitment to fair outcome, execution quality, and transparency within the financial industry.
Read our Enhanced Disclosure

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We take pride in being at the forefront of industry reforms and driving transparency as a proof of the full alignment of interests between Saxo and its clients.

- Kim Fournais, CEO Saxo Group

We provide daily trading insight to help you improve your strategy

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