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Fair Dealing

Our Commitment to Fair Dealing

Saxo Capital Markets’ (SCM) Board and Senior Management are committed to delivering fair dealing outcomes to our customers. At Saxo Capital Markets, fair dealing is central to our culture and we commit to:

  • Ensure our sales staff are well trained and possess the relevant knowledge and skills to empower our customers, in undertaking self directed trading.
  • Provide clear and relevant information to our customers to enable them to make informed financial decisions when investing in the financial products we offer.
  • Respond to all feedback and complaints in an independent, prompt and effective manner.
  • Saxo Capital Markets constantly strives to maintain the highest level of service and welcomes any feedback which will help us identify areas of improvement in our products and services. 

We recognize that this is a continuous journey and we assure you that fair dealing is and will remain central to the way we conduct business.

Yours Sincerely,
Saxo Capital Markets