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Opening an account with Saxo is simple and secure.

One account is all you need to access Saxo's full offering of assets and platforms.
Start trading with minimum funding of USD 2,000.

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How to open an account with Saxo

Step 1 – Submit your details

This is where we gather personal contact information and financial information. The process takes 5 to 10 minutes and can be completed on desktop, tablet and smart phone devices.

Requirements: USD 2,000 is the minimum funding required to open an account with Saxo (applies to all account types); and documentation supporting proof of identity and residence is required for all applicants.

Step 2 – Approval process

The approval process is completed on average within 48 hours and include verifying the information you have provided in your application and documentation.  

Step 3 – Funding

Please refer to our Payment Instructions.

Service Level Comparison

No matter how much you trade, no matter what your investment style, Saxo can provide for your needs.

Global markets, a broad range of asset classes, professional online trading tools, world-class market data streams and unparalleled services, your one Saxo account is the gateway to it all.

At Saxo, we reward the loyalty of our clients with the kind of benefits that matter most to them.



USD 2,000


USD 100,000


USD 500,000

Access all platforms


Access to all trading products


24/5 customer support


No service fee


Free access to Saxo Academy


Free extended news and research


Individual pricing


FX options as tight as interbank spreads


Preferred customer service

Service Levels - Classic, Premium, Platinum

Classic Service Level

Includes everything you need from an online trading and investment provider, plus that little bit more. This means that next to full access to the Saxo universe, you also benefit from around-the-clock support and free access to the training and education content of the Saxo Academy.

Free access to Saxo Academy – Brush up your skills and expand your trading horizons with the short-sequence videos and online courses available via Saxo Academy.

Access to all trading products - Equities, bonds, forex, options to name just a few – Saxo offers a broad and global range of instruments and products, with access to best execution, reliable liquidity and instant trading.

24/5 support - If you have a question or face an issue, we are at your service. Give us a call for immediate support. For all other queries, please visit our Support Center.

Premium Service Level

Advancing to Premium means additional research and news functionality. At this level, your trades and investments are likely becoming more sophisticated, creating a need for additional information sources and viewpoints as you manage your portfolio.

Free extended news and research - Stay ahead of the curve and use our customisable feeds, alerts and sources to inform your trading.

24/5 dedicated account executive service - Gain access to your personal account manager, dedicated to handle your personal back office and freeing your capacities for trading and investing.

In order to be eligible for the Premium Service Level your account value must be a minimum of $100,000 or the equivalent. You are also required to have an account activity of at least three trades per quarter.

Platinum Service Level

As you accelerate to Platinum, the highest level, we fully individualise the Saxo interface. This includes optimised prices and tailored information as well as direct access to your personal account manager. Platinum represents the truest union of online firepower and individual service.

Individual pricing - Prices are optimised in your interest and you benefit from some of the best conditions in the market, such as FX options trade at interbank spreads.

Preferred client service - From the access to your account manager to information services and support, everything is optimised for your maximum benefit.

In order to be eligible for Platinum Service Level your account value must be a minimum of $500,000 or the equivalent. You are also required to have an account activity of at least three trades per quarter

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