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If you as a client or a prospective client of Saxo Capital Markets HK Limited (“SCM HK”) have a question or a problem, please first raise this with your account manager or the account manager’s team lead or head of department. 
Should you not receive a satisfactory answer, you may then file a formal complaint as follows:

To file a complaint, please contact us using this form and send it to:
By mail:
Saxo Capital Markets HK Limited
Rooms 2001-02, 20/F York House
The Landmark 
15 Queen's Road Central
Hong Kong

E-mail to:

The Compliance Manager will contact the client within 24 hours to confirm receipt of the complaint and discuss any relevant details. Within 24 hours of the receipt of the complaint, SCM HK will initiate an internal investigation regarding complaint. Within 48 hours of initial response, the client will be notified of the outcome of the internal investigation or, if necessary, will be advised of the approximate time at which the investigation be will concluded.

Resolution time would vary between 1 – 3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the issues raised.  

A letter or email setting out the findings of the investigation and the proposed method of resolution of the complaint will be sent to the client within 3 business days of determining the results of that complaint.  

If you are still not satisfied with the Compliance officer’s response to your complaint, you may then file a complaint directly with the relevant authorities.