A rewarding referral for you

A rewarding referral for you

Refer your friends to Saxo Capital Markets and receive up to AUD $1,500 trading credit*

Special March Promotion: refer your friends to us and as a thank-you, we will place trading credit onto your Saxo account. The amount of trading credit you receive depends on the number of active referrals you make during March;

$300 for 1 active referral

$750 in total for 2 active referrals

$1,500 in total for 3 active referrals

How to refer your friends and claim your trading credit;

  1. Fill out the form on this page. We will then send you an email that you can forward onto your friend to see if they’re interested in signing up for an account with us.

  2. If your friend is successful in opening an account with us**, please email enquiries@saxomarkets.com.au with your friends name and Client Account ID.

  3. Once your friend has funded their Saxo account and placed 5 qualifying trades within three months of being referred, we will place the trading credit onto your account.

**Any referred friend must meet Saxo Capital Markets' on boarding KYC AML Requirements, OTC suitability requirements if OTC products are requested and any other requirements set out by Saxo to successfully approve the referred friend as a client of Saxo. Saxo is under no obligation to approve the referred individual. The referred client must successfully meet requirements set out in the terms and conditions for the Referrer to successfully receive their trading credit.

*Terms and Conditions for Refer-a-Friend March 2017 Promotion

Please carefully read the PDF document. Access to the program constitutes acceptance of its rules.

Terms and Conditions

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